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Top 100 Growing Projects

  1. 91. Growing Bonsai (04:27)

    For beginners, basic pruning techniques for starting a bonsai tree.

  2. 92. Tips on Growing Big Colorful Flowers

    DIY Network master gardener Maureen Gilmer shares her secrets to growing great flowers.

  3. 93. Simple Succulents (03:34)

    Our expert shares her secrets for growing and selecting succulents.

  4. 94. Growing Culinary Herbs

    A master DIY gardener gives tips on growing herbs at home.

  5. 95. How to Grow Pepper Plants

    Green, red or yellow, peppers make a wonderful addition to any backyard vegetable garden.

    Several Months
    $1 - $50
  6. 96. Professional Tips for Outstanding Okra

    DIY experts discuss the best ways to grow okra, along with a wire-and-twine trellis system for tomatoes and different critters that can...

  7. 97. Rose Pest Control (00:52)

    Protect your beautiful roses with these natural pest- and disease-control tips.

  8. 98. Planting Tomatoes

    The DIY Network experts share these tips for growing tomatoes in your summer vegetable garden.

  9. 99. A Passion for Purple: The Lavender Farm

    DIY Network offers lavender planting, pruning and harvesting tips.

  10. 100. Plan Ahead Lawn/Garden Season (01:02)

    Here are the DIY Basics for planning ahead for the lawn and garden season.

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