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Top 21 Greenhouses Projects

  1. 16. Greenhouse Basics (04:26)

    Extend your gardening season by building a pre-fabricated greenhouse.

  2. 17. Using a Greenhouse

    Start crops early and obtain better yields with the aid of a greenhouse, which can protect plants from frost.

  3. 18. Greenhouses (19:59)

    We visit three distinctly different greenhouses.

  4. 19. Cold Frames and Greenhouses (00:19:59)

    Use cold frames, greenhouses and hoop houses to extend the growing season.

  5. 20. Ultimate Garden Workshop (04:42)

    Planning, equipping and organizing the ultimate workshop for a gardener.

  6. 21. Greenhouse Kit (04:22)

    Build a greenhouse in your own backyard with only this kit and a hammer.

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