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How to Build a Greenhouse from a Kit

A greenhouse is a wonderful addition to any garden. To save money, consider assembling your own from a kit.

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Top 22 Greenhouses Projects

  1. 1. Features and Devices for the Greenhouse

    The DIY Network experts discusses some features and devices that will enhance your greenhouse.

  2. 2. Ultimate Garden Workshop (04:42)

    Planning, equipping and organizing the ultimate workshop for a gardener.

  3. 3. Getting a New Greenhouse Ready

    A DIY Network gardening expert explains the basics of planning for a greenhouse.

  4. 4. All Purpose (20:00)

    An outdated kitchen is transformed into space that is sure to turn heads.

  5. 5. Greenhouse Advice

    DIY experts discuss propagating, or reproducing, plants from seeds, then get some tips for using containers to start the tender seeds.

  6. 6. Two Small Greenhouses

    DIY tours two greenhouses. The first was built almost entirely from recycled materials. The second is a hoophouse, a plastic tent-like ...

  7. 7. Greenhouse Kit (04:22)

    Build a greenhouse in your own backyard with only this kit and a hammer.

  8. 8. Soil Mix for Greenhouses

    DIY experts offer soil secrets for a successful greenhouse.

  9. 9. San Francisco Conservatory (04:28)

    Tour the incredible San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers.

  10. 10. Greenhouse Basics (04:26)

    Extend your gardening season by building a pre-fabricated greenhouse.

  11. 11. How To Set Up a Mini-Greenhouse

    Learn how to set up a mini-greenhouse using simple shelving, inexpensive grow lights and basic heating mats.

    $50 - $100
  12. 12. Architecturally Designed Greenhouse

    DIY experts tour a greenhouse that was architecturally designed and built to blend in seamlessly with the owner's house.

  13. 13. Portable Greenhouses

    New building materials allow a portable greenhouse to be set up in minutes.

  14. 14. Greenhouses (19:59)

    We visit three distinctly different greenhouses.

  15. 15. Cold Frames and Greenhouses (00:19:59)

    Use cold frames, greenhouses and hoop houses to extend the growing season.

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