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How To Install Baseball-Themed Storage Lockers

See how a kid's room gets a baseball theme with these storage lockers.

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Top 68 Girls Projects

  1. 1. How to Build a Sled From a Pair of Old Skis and a Wheelbarrow

    DIY Network has simple instructions on how you can turn a set of skis and a wheelbarrow bucket into a fun sleigh-riding experience.

  2. 2. How to Make a Headboard Out of Old T-Shirts shows you how make a kid's headboard using old T-shirts.

  3. 3. How to Make a Headboard With Duct Tape shows you how make a kid's headboard using multi-colored and patterned duct tape.

  4. 4. Anitra Megadon, Mega Girl (00:02:59)

    The Mega Dens powerhouse dishes on celebrity crushes and drinking games.

  5. 5. Tips on Growing Gardeners-To-Be

    DIY Network experts offer great ideas on how to get kids involved in the garden.

  6. 6. How to Paint a Girl's Display Shelf

    Learn how to paint a vibrant rasberry red and metallic gold display shelf for a girl's room.

    $1 - $50
  7. 7. How to Build a Seesaw

    Every child loves a seesaw. Follow these easy instructions for building one yourself and your kids will love you for it.

    $100 - $250
    Easy to Moderate
  8. 8. Girl's Art Studio Bathroom

    DIY Network shows you how to turn your little girl's bathroom into her own art-studio inspired space.

  9. 9. How to Build a Sandbox

    Build a sturdy sandbox for the kids in no time at all.

    2 hours
    $50 - $100
  10. 10. Kid-Friendly Composting and Plant Sales

    DIY experts discuss easy composting and a way young gardeners can give back to the community.

  11. 11. Hollywood-Inspired Girl's Bathroom

    DIY Network shows you how to create a Hollywood-inspired bathroom for your growing girl.

  12. 12. How to Add Baseball-Themed Wall Treatments to a Kid's Room

    Learn how to outfit a kid's room in full baseball regalia.

    Several Weekends
    $500 - $1,000
  13. 13. Fun Flower Power Comforter (03:47)

    Create fun and colorful comforters with funky applique flowers.

  14. 14. How To Make a Classic Tulle Tutu has instructions on how to make a classic tutu skirt using tulle fabric.

  15. 15. Nightstand (20:00)

    Amy designs a lighted nightstand for a young girl who's afraid of the dark.

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