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Top 100 Gardening Projects

  1. 91. Planning Your Garden (04:47)

    Everything you need to know for planning a garden.

  2. 92. Mulching (01:00)

    Here are the DIY Basics on mulching.

  3. 93. Capturing Water and Making a Compost Heap

    DIY experts demonstrate how to capture water from natural sources and start a compost pile from household scraps.

  4. 94. Rain Garden Landscaping (00:01:12)

    Rain gardens divert rainwater away from structures and toward plants.

  5. 95. Plant List

    DIY experts discuss several plant varieties and the planting information for each zone.

  6. 96. Container Gardens (01:08)

    Joe Lamp'l shows what types of flowers to plant in containers.

  7. 97. Fall Soil Preparation

    DIY experts discuss how amending garden soil in the fall can make things a lot easier come spring.

  8. 98. Butterfly Magnet (04:32)

    Learn how to turn your garden into a perfect butterfly attraction.

  9. 99. Fall Garden Color (01:59)

    Get acquainted with delightful plants that provide great fall color.

  10. 100. How to Brew Compost Tea

    Steeping compost in water creates an all natural plant food known as compost tea. This method makes an even better batch.

    Two Days
    $1 - $50
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