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Top 100 Gardening Projects

  1. 61. Fertilizers, Pests and Harvesting Techniques for Squash

    Once squash starts to emerge, maximize the output of your plants -- and protect them from predators -- with these easy tips from DIY Ne...

  2. 62. How to Grow Potatoes

    Potatoes come in various shapes, sizes and colors. By growing your own, you can guarantee a bumper crop of colorful and nutritious spud...

    Several Months
    $1 - $50
    Easy to Moderate
  3. 63. Identifying and Dealing with Problem Insects

    Many gardeners play detective -- trying to figure out what's chewing holes or causing yellow or brown spots on favorite plants. DIY off...

  4. 64. Vertex Garden Rocker (00:58)

    This ergonomic tool can help take the pain and strain out of garden work.

  5. 65. Garden Tools Care (04:45)

    Gardening expert shares her favorite tips for caring and storing tools.

  6. 66. Tips for Putting Together a Garden Workshop

    The experts at DIY Network give some guidelines for the ultimate garden workshop for maintaining a half-acre backyard.

  7. 67. Tips on Protecting the Garden From Pests

    Keep critters away from your growing carrots with these simple yet effective tactics from DIY Network.

  8. 68. Garden Light Box (02:20)

    This light box will give your indoor plants an extra boost this winter.

  9. 69. Raised Beds for Easy Vegetable Cultivation

    The gardening experts at show how raised beds can make cultivating and harvesting vegetables much easier.

  10. 70. Asian-Inspired Landscape Design

    DIY Network shares ideas on how to add some Far East flair to your backyard.

  11. 71. A Healthy Garden (01:01)

    Gardening expert reviews the best way to grow & maintain a healthy garden.

  12. 72. Organic Gardening Q and A (03:09)

    Joe Lamp'l answers viewers' questions about organic gardening.

  13. 73. How to Create a Small Garden

    If you think you can't garden in small spaces, think again! It's possible to create a perfect small garden setting with some hard work ...

    Under Half Day
    $1 - $50
  14. 74. Conducting a Soil Test

    Learn about the benefits of conducting a simple soil test. The DIY Network experts discuss how test results can tell you how to amend s...

  15. 75. Drip Irrigation (04:12)

    Step-by-step directions for installing a drip irrigation system.

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