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Top 100 Gardening Projects

  1. 46. Planting Trees Properly

    The DIY Network experts offer these planting tips to help you grow healthy trees in your yard for many years to come.

  2. 47. Stylish Garden Markers

    Learn how to make a garden sign that seals custom text between clear acrylic blanks, from DIY Network.

  3. 48. Tips for Protecting Corn From Disease, Pests and Animals

    Use these DIY Network tips to keep weeds and insects away from corn crop before harvesting.

  4. 49. Watering Devices

    Watering devices come in all shapes and sizes. DIY experts discuss a few that are available.

  5. 50. Garden Soil Tests (01:34)

    Learn why soil samples are a great tool for getting your soil in shape.

  6. 51. Kid-Friendly Gardening (01:00)

    When gardening with children, consider a few fast-growing plants.

  7. 52. Beneficial Planting

    DIY Network shows you the many ways in which gardeners can use plants to help outwit pests, attract pollinating insects and enrich the ...

  8. 53. Seasonal Gardening Planner

    The gardening experts at DIY Network share key gardening information for each season so you can time your planting correctly.

  9. 54. Dealing With Lawn Damage (02:02)

    See how to deal with the worst lawn problems, from fungi to dog damage.

  10. 55. Brighten a Dull Space With a Container Garden

    DIY Network shows you how to easily add color and interest to any space with a container garden.

  11. 56. Cucumber Types

    DIY Network experts talk about the different types of cucumbers and show how easy it is to plant and grow these cool, crisp veggies.

  12. 57. RX for Violets (04:13)

    Keep your African violets healthy & blooming with these plant care tips.

  13. 58. The Essential Steps to Landscape Design

    Browse a step-by-step guide to landscape design on

  14. 59. John Deere Auto Hitch (01:05)

    This tool lets you hook three-point hitch systems to your garden tractor.

  15. 60. Firewood Shed (02:01)

    Learn how to build a firewood shed with this DIY Kit.

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