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Top 100 Gardening Projects

  1. 46. How to Add a Border to a Garden

    A garden border is anything that separates two distinct areas.

    $100 - $250
  2. 47. Brassicas: Cabbages, Calabrese, Broccoli and Cauliflower

    With dozens of brassica vegetable varieties to choose from, the right selection can mean the difference between success and disappointm...

  3. 48. Growing Root Crops

    Most root crops need to be sown outdoors and kept free of weeds to do well. With carefully selected varieties and successional sowing, ...

  4. 49. Tricks for Harvesting Tomatoes Early

    DIY Network experts give tricks for protecting young tomato plants so that an early harvest is possible.

  5. 50. Gardening Terms to Know

    The gardening experts at DIY Network talk about some gardening terms that in spite of their importance don't get very much attention.

  6. 51. Ultimate Gardening Tools

    DIY Network is the right place to learn about some nifty garden tools.

  7. 52. Keep Them Blooming (02:09)

    Learn how keep your flowers blooming and looking good all season long

  8. 53. Fresh Garden Ideas (00:01:00)

    Check out these innovative gardening solutions and trends.

  9. 54. Flowering Bulbs Planted in Spring

    Discover the bulbs that can be planted in spring for a colorful summer garden at

  10. 55. Salad and Leafy Vegetables: Lettuce, Spinach and Arugula

    With dozens of leafy, salad vegetable varieties to choose from, the right selection can mean the difference between success and disappo...

  11. 56. Quick-Growing Spring and Fall Vegetables

    From seed to dinner table in one month? The DIY Network experts give some tips for cool weather garden treats.

  12. 57. Forcing Bulbs Indoors

    The DIY Network experts explain the process of forcing spring-blooming bulbs indoors so you can enjoy their beauty ahead of schedule.

  13. 58. Garden Containers (04:10)

    We fill a garden trouble spot with potted plants for shade and sun.

  14. 59. Shovel Tips

    From light work to heavy-duty projects, DIY Network makes it easy to choose the right shovel for any job.

  15. 60. Plants for a Small Urban Garden

    DIY Network offers plant varieties perfect for a small urban garden and the planting information for each zone.

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