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Top 100 Gardening Projects

  1. 31. Good Garden Bugs (03:30)

    Rid your garden of the bad and encourage a visit from the good insects.

  2. 32. Rainbarrel Tips

    Let the experts at DIY Network give you some tips for using a rainbarrel to capture water to use on your vegetable garden and flowers.

  3. 33. How to Grow Greens

    Collard, mustard and turnip greens are all in the same family, but each has its own unique flavor. Grow them all to compare for yoursel...

    Several Months
    $1 - $50
  4. 34. Cloches and Cold Frames

    The gardening experts at share tips on using cloches and cold frames to protect crops.

  5. 35. Making Compost

    The gardening experts at share tips on making compost.

  6. 36. Vertex Garden Rocker (00:58)

    This ergonomic tool can help take the pain and strain out of garden work.

  7. 37. Tips on Protecting the Garden From Pests

    Keep critters away from your growing carrots with these simple yet effective tactics from DIY Network.

  8. 38. Basic Composting (04:36)

    Everything you need to know about basic composting from Ask DIY.

  9. 39. Plants for a Shade Garden

    The DIY Network experts share their favorite annuals, perennials, groundcovers, shrubs and understory trees for a shade garden.

  10. 40. Growing Alliums

    Alliums include onions, leeks and garlic and are strongly-flavored and simple to grow on free-draining soils.

  11. 41. Viburnums

    The DIY experts recommend selections of viburnums known for their durability in the garden and the wide array of flowers, berries and f...

  12. 42. How to Build a Greenhouse from a Kit

    A greenhouse is a wonderful addition to any garden. To save money, consider assembling your own from a kit.

    Several Weekends
    $1,000 - $2,500
    Moderate to Hard
  13. 43. 15 Plants for the Yard

    The experts at DIY Network provide information on a variety of plants that can add an eye-catching look to any yard.

  14. 44. More Plants and Foliage

    DIY experts discuss several plant varieties and the planting information for each zone.

  15. 45. Rose Maintenance (03:51)

    Find out how-to on create and maintain a healthy rose garden.

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