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Top 100 Garages Projects

  1. 91. Guy Fieri's Garage (20:00)

    Brian Corsetti and the Garage Mahal crew transform Guy Fieri's garage.

  2. 92. The Ultimate Major League Baseball Man Cave

    Meet the winner of the Who Wants a Man Cave Major League Baseball man cave.

  3. 93. Buying Car Tires (00:57)

    A concise guide for choosing the right tires for your car.

  4. 94. Garage-Door Safety

    DIY Network suggests various tools to make your garage door more safe.

  5. 95. The Gilligan's Garage (20:00)

    These newlyweds need a new garage to house Sean's 1974 Corvette & Harley.

  6. 96. Prepare Your Home for Vacation (01:00)

    Here are the DIY Basics on preparing your home for vacation.

  7. 97. Garage Overhaul (00:20:00)

    Jon & Terry turn an overstuffed garage into a masterpiece of organization.

  8. 98. Garage Door Maintenance Tips

    DIY host Tim Hockenberry discusses the best ways to take care of your garage door.

  9. 99. Garage Gorilla (00:49)

    The Garage Gorilla is a residential motorized self-storage unit.

  10. 100. Install a Garage Door Opener (01:02)

    Here are the DIY Basics for installing a garage door opener.

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