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Top 100 Garages Projects

  1. 91. Building a Bookshelf (01:00)

    Here's a Garage Mahal quick tip on building a bookshelf.

  2. 92. Build a Water Heater Enclosure (00:01:00)

    Here's a Garage Mahal quick tip on building a water heater enclosure.

  3. 93. How to Install a New Garage Door

    You may need the help of a professional to get started, but a new garage door is just a few steps away.

    $1,000 - $2,500
    Moderate to Hard
  4. 94. Hot Rod Garage (20:00)

    This cluttered space becomes the ultimate hot rod garage.

  5. 95. Resurfacing a Garage Floor (01:02)

    Here are the DIY Basics for resurfacing a garage floor.

  6. 96. New Two-Car Garage (20:00)

    Amy and Jimmy's tiny, dilapidated garage is replaced.

  7. 97. Manly Dressing Room / Office (00:03:58)

    New TV star Michael Strahan gets a combo office / dressing-room Man Cave.

  8. 98. Dojo Cave and Lounge (00:03:47)

    The guys create an awesome basement dojo with a few hidden surprises.

  9. 99. The Cichon Project (20:00)

    Stephen and Pam's garage could collapse at any time.

  10. 100. How to Add Drywall and Refinish a Garage

    Use these step-by-step instructions from the DIY to the Rescue team and turn a garage into a wonderful workshop. Learn how to add drywa...

    Several Weekends
    $1,000 - $2,500
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