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Top 100 Garages Projects

  1. 76. Garage Workshop (20:00)

    Mobile workstations add storage space for this crafty couple.

  2. 77. Custom Airbrushed Car Mural (00:01:27)

    Rob has a custom car mural airbrushed on a wall of this remodeled garage.

  3. 78. Garage Door Opener (01:03)

    Overhead Door's new garage door opener lifts doors up but keeps noise down.

  4. 79. Acadia - Smart Garage Makeover (00:01:01)

    Here is the DIY Download on Acadia - Smart Garage Makeover.

  5. 80. Dojo Cave and Lounge (00:03:47)

    The guys create an awesome basement dojo with a few hidden surprises.

  6. 81. How to Install Polyvinyl Floor

    Find out how to transform your cluttered garage into another room for your house using polyvinyl flooring.

    2 hours
    $100 - $250
  7. 82. Tudor Style: 1 of 4 (20:01)

    The kitchen is busted out in all directions, revealing some pesky concerns.

  8. 83. Super Hero Cave (00:20:01)

    Adam's got his head in the clouds and still dreams of being a superhero.

  9. 84. Luxury NASCAR Man Cave Suite (00:03:50)

    A blank-canvas basement is transformed into a luxury he-man NASCAR suite.

  10. 85. Better Gas Mileage

  11. 86. Restoring Vintage Sliding Garage-Doors

    Keeping your vintage sliding doors can be a simple project. Learn how to restore vintage sliding garage-doors with these easy steps.

    Two Days
    $250 - $500
    Moderate to Hard
  12. 87. Pub Garage (03:49)

    Sam and Melinda's garage is transformed into the Barking Dog Pub.

  13. 88. The Screening Room (20:00)

    A barn like garage is converted into a vintage movie theater.

  14. 89. Sports Garage (03:46)

    The team transforms Erik and Andra's garage into the perfect work space.

  15. 90. Building a Workbench (00:02:55)

    A homeowner builds a custom workbench to enhance his garage workshop.