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Top 100 Garages Projects

  1. 61. Garage Mahal Special (40:00)

    Cars may reclaim their spots in the garage once again.

  2. 62. How to Demolish Walls and Patch Drywall

    One family unclutters their garage. Find out how to demolish walls safely and patch drywall.

    $50 - $100
  3. 63. Sport Stockpile Storage (01:37)

    A garage that's filled with sports equipment receives much-needed storage.

  4. 64. Garage Gym (20:01)

    An empty garage transformed into a multi-functional workout area.

  5. 65. Garage Overhaul (00:20:00)

    Jon & Terry turn an overstuffed garage into a masterpiece of organization.

  6. 66. Chris & Simon's Workshop (02:05)

    We visit the Hodshon twins in their workshop.

  7. 67. How to Build and Install a Shelf Frame

    Organize a cluttered garage by adding shelving. With these step-by-step directions, learning how to add shelving is a breeze.

    $100 - $250
    Easy to Moderate
  8. 68. Prepare Your Home for Vacation (01:00)

    Here are the DIY Basics on preparing your home for vacation.

  9. 69. RVs, Roses, and Rave Reviews (05:24)

    Watch as DIY helps one family get their yard up to the neighbor standards.

  10. 70. Rock-Star Garage (03:56)

    A garage-turned-home-theater is reborn as a three-car rock-star garage.

  11. 71. Sleek, Organized Garage (03:53)

    Brian and his team head in to help the Stuarts declutter their garage.

  12. 72. How to Organize Garage Storage (00:01:59)

    The first step to an organized garage is deciding what stays and what goes.

  13. 73. Aviation Cave (20:01)

    The Man Cave team swoops in to finish up an already started aviation space.

  14. 74. Casino Garage (19:59)

    Goldberg and team transform Chris' garage into his own personal casino.

  15. 75. $43K New Garage (05:26)

    The Gilligans' garage costs nearly $13,000 less than the original estimate.