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Top 100 Garages Projects

  1. 31. Rock Star Garage (20:01)

    The garage becomes a tricked-out haven for car enthusiasts.

  2. 32. Jacuzzi Install- Part 3 (04:46)

    Peter and Deirdre have just bought a new home that needs many renovations.

  3. 33. Door & Garage Murals (00:02:09)

    Bland walls and doors come to life when you apply these adhesive murals.

  4. 34. Garage Workshop (01:00)

    A built-in closet and workbenches turn a cluttered garage into a workshop.

  5. 35. Returning Home's Original Look (00:01:00)

    Rehabbing an old space brings it back to the home's original elegance.

  6. 36. Raleigh Garage Gold Mine (00:03:27)

    Kraig and his crew empty a garage that belongs to a top Raleigh decorator.

  7. 37. Flooring, Showerhead, Doorstop (00:03:43)

    Featured: garage flooring, multifunction showerhead, bumperless doorstop.

  8. 38. Tips for Removing Garage Rust and Oil Stains

    DIY Network offers tips for removing stains from a garage floor.

  9. 39. Building Stairs (00:01:00)

    Here's a Garage Mahal quick tip on building stairs.

  10. 40. High to Low (20:00)

    Chris looks into a lift system, garage floor finishes & prep painting caps.

  11. 41. Work From Home Cave (00:20:01)

    A Man Cave for a radio sportscaster is created.

  12. 42. How to Create a Garage Loft

    A garage loft can add room and better storage organization to a cluttered room. Learn how to create a garage loft with these easy step-...

    $500 - $1,000
    Easy to Moderate
  13. 43. Hi-Tech Country Club Cave (00:20:02)

    Steven gets a space that gives him access to his own Country Club Man Cave.

  14. 44. Found Storage (03:30)

    Great tips for keeping stored items safe in your basement, garage and attic.

  15. 45. Garage Mahal 108: Guy Gear (20:00)

    The team helps the Brannings turn their garage into the ultimate hangout.