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Garage Doors 101

Garage Doors 101

Learn about various types of garage doors available and how they work.

All about garage doors

How to Insulate a Garage

How to Insulate a Garage

Follow these steps to insulate your garage and add weather stripping.

Step-by-step instructions

How to Lay Garage Floor Tiles

How to Lay Garage Floor Tiles

PVC tiles are a good choice for garage floors: oil drips wipe right up.

Step-by-step instructions

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Top 100 Garages Projects

  1. 1. Snack Shack (04:02)

    An old plywood garage becomes the ultimate snack shack.

  2. 2. Garage Metal-Sculpture Studio (00:03:52)

    An artistic couple turns their garage into a studio for metal sculpting.

  3. 3. Tips for Removing Garage Rust and Oil Stains

    DIY Network offers tips for removing stains from a garage floor.

  4. 4. BMX Garage (03:54)

    A messy garage becomes a professional-quality BMX/Motocross workshop.

  5. 5. Jimmie Johnson's Man Cave Gift

    Four-time Sprint Cup racing champion, Jimmie Johnson calls on DIY Network's Man Caves to build his dad a custom garage.

  6. 6. Green Garage (20:02)

    Workbenches, storage and seating are built from salvaged materials.

  7. 7. Dojo Cave and Lounge (00:03:47)

    The guys create an awesome basement dojo with a few hidden surprises.

  8. 8. Pub Garage (03:49)

    Sam and Melinda's garage is transformed into the Barking Dog Pub.

  9. 9. Organizing Sports Equipment in a Garage

    Children's sports equipment can take up valuable room in a garage. Learn how to organize their gear with these easy steps.

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  10. 10. Lifeguard Cave in South Jersey (00:03:53)

    The crew creates a place to relax when this former lifeguard is off duty.

  11. 11. Casino Garage (03:50)

    The team turns Chris and Cheri's garage into the ultimate casino.

  12. 12. Storing Sports Equipment (01:02)

    Here are the DIY Basics for storing sports equipment in a garage.

  13. 13. Guy Fieri's Garage (20:00)

    Brian Corsetti and the Garage Mahal crew transform Guy Fieri's garage.

  14. 14. Going In & Out: Garage Doors

    DIY's Home IQ follows the Oberg family during the decision-making process of building this beautiful new home. In this article, the lar...

  15. 15. Carriage-Style Garage Door

    Having a custom garage door adds style to your home and helps set it apart from other homes in your neighborhood. Learn how to install ...

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