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Top 100 Furniture Projects

  1. 76. DIY Vanity (00:60)

    Make your own custom vanity from an existing armoire, table or dresser.

  2. 77. Cleaning Outdoor Furniture

    DIY experts discuss the best ways to clean outdoor cushions, canvas seats and chair backs, and white and colored plastic.

  3. 78. Furniture Sanding (04:52)

    Everything you need to know about sanding wood furniture.

  4. 79. Lumber Wizard (00:01:31)

    Find out where the metal is in recovered lumber to avoid damaging tools.

  5. 80. Forearm Forklift (02:06)

    These heavy-duty straps can make anyone a power lifter or mover.

  6. 81. Milk Paint Vanity (02:12)

    Amy Devers explains why milk paint can be a good choice for furniture.

  7. 82. Rule-Breakers (03:49)

    Dean and Derek name their top 10 projects that break the rules.

  8. 83. Home Office Design (04:26)

    The placement of home office furnishings can affect efficiency.

  9. 84. Outdoor Cleanup (03:21)

    The Queen of Clean talks about sprucing up outdoor furniture.

  10. 85. Franmar Soy Gel (01:20)

    Check out this eco-friendly solution to stripping paint from surfaces.

  11. 86. How to Install Garage Shelving

    Wall anchors and laminated boards make for steady and sturdy shelving. Learn how to install this shelving in your garage to help with o...

    $1 - $50
  12. 87. Rustic Trunk (04:59)

    Watch as Jimmy DiResta makes a treasure chest that serves as great storage.

  13. 88. How to Install Wire Shelving

    These basic steps demonstrate how to install wire shelving in a closet in order to provide additional storage space.

    $1 - $50
  14. 89. Fabulous Footstools (04:56)

    Carol Duvall shows you an easy way to create beautiful footstools.

  15. 90. Cylinder Table Building Tips (06:00)

    Finish off the cylinder tables by installing top and bottom sections.