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Top 100 Furniture Projects

  1. 46. Green Solution: Recycled Plastic Lawn Furniture and Composite Decking

    DIY Network's Carter Oosterhouse uses recycled furniture and earth-friendly building materials in a backyard update.

  2. 47. How to Paint a Textured Armoire

    Learn how to paint an armoire to make it a colorful, textured focal point for a living room.

    Two Days
    $50 - $100
    Easy to Moderate
  3. 48. Flat Pack Furniture

    Get tips from DIY Network on assembling flat pack furniture.

  4. 49. How to Remove Old Paint and Varnish

    Stripping away old paint or varnish doesn't have to be an impossible task. Follow tips from the experts on how to strip away old paint...

    $1 - $50
  5. 50. Garden Helpers

    Make your gardening tasks easier and more comfortable. DIY Network shows some great accessories no gardener should be without.

  6. 51. Safety (20:00)

    Matt provides safety tips to protect your valuable possession - your home!

  7. 52. Nesting Tables (20:00)

    Amy Devers build a trio of nesting tables, two of acrylic and one of wood.

  8. 53. Mirrored Furniture

    Mirror-covered furniture is beautiful, popular and expensive. But DIY Network is ready to help you get this great look for much less th...

  9. 54. Rustic Cowboy Baby Nursery (05:28)

    Design a cowboy-themed baby nursery that has lots of rustic charm.

  10. 55. Triton Router (01:19)

    Adjust the plunge with this ergonomically designed power tool.

  11. 56. DIY Vanity (00:60)

    Make your own custom vanity from an existing armoire, table or dresser.

  12. 57. Poster Art Dresser

    Update tired furniture with these artistic suggestions. Give a boring dresser a quick new look by sticking your favorite vintage poster...

  13. 58. How To Install a Hot Tub Deck Bench

    Learn how to make a hot tub area even more inviting with a bench.

    $250 - $500
    Moderate to Hard
  14. 59. Multi-Purpose Patio Furniture (00:20:00)

    Amy designs a set of outdoor stools made out of pre-fab plywood tubes.

  15. 60. You Made What? (20:00)

    Dean and Derek list their top ten favorite unusual projects.