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Top 100 Furniture Projects

  1. 31. Grex Headless Pin Nailer (01:36)

    Drive very fine nails into hard woods with this pinner.

  2. 32. Making Every Inch Count (03:00)

    Gino makes every inch count by packing as much as he can into a tiny space.

  3. 33. Chiseled Stone Coffee Table (03:01)

    Design a contemporary coffee table from natural stone and salvage metal.

  4. 34. How to Paint a Roll-Top Desk

    Using paint and glaze, this roll-top desk gets a cleaned-up look fit for a modern office.

    $1 - $50
    Easy to Moderate
  5. 35. Decorative Painting Tips (00:03:52)

    Shannon Kaye shares expert tips for basic decorative painting projects.

  6. 36. Kreg Jig Essential Wood Tool (00:01:00)

    A kreg jig is a must when building custom doors to use on cabinets.

  7. 37. Seam Repair Tips (01:29)

    Learn how to repair a chair seam in a snap.

  8. 38. Custom Built Kitchen Booth (03:39)

    Be amazed by the custom kitchen booth that is both funky and fun.

  9. 39. Transformational Furniture (00:01:00)

    This double-duty furniture virtually adds a new room to your place.

  10. 40. Sawstop (00:03:35)

    Check out this extra-safe table saw designed to help you keep your digits.

  11. 41. Chemical Furniture Strippers (06:13)

    Learn techniques for stripping finishes with methylene chloride.

  12. 42. Painting a Kid's Bedroom (01:02)

    Here are the DIY Basics of painting a kid's bedroom.

  13. 43. A Porch to be Reckoned With- 4 (04:25)

    John and Jimmy Diresta deck the deck with one of a kind porch furniture.

  14. 44. Stylishly Funky Chaise Lounge (02:53)

    Watch as the expert team transforms a worn sofa into funky chaise lounge.

  15. 45. Painting a Border on a Glass-Top Desk

    How to make a plain glass-top desk sparkle by adding a new silver border.

    Under Half Day
    $1 - $50
    Easy to Moderate