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Top 100 Furniture Projects

  1. 16. Stripping Wicker and Metal (03:41)

    Strip away layers of built-up paint on wicker and old metal furniture

  2. 17. Custom Vegas Poker Table (04:41)

    Learn how to make a custom poker table.

  3. 18. How to Create Crackled Furniture

    A crackle-finish can be applied to wood furniture, a ceiling fan, or over a faux-finish surface to give it an antique look.

    Under Half Day
    $1 - $50
  4. 19. Options for an Affordable Outdoor Kitchen

    While creating a complete outdoor cooking space can be expensive, DIY Network shows how you can still put together a great outdoor kitc...

  5. 20. Fast Cap Glubot (00:00:57)

    This dispenser gets you out of some sticky situations with no drips.

  6. 21. Seam Repair Tips (01:29)

    Learn how to repair a chair seam in a snap.

  7. 22. Whitewashing and Pickling Techniques

    DIY Network explains how whitewashing your furniture or wood accessories can brighten the look of most any room in the house.

  8. 23. Furniture Polish (03:01)

    Make your own wood polish with ingredients from your kitchen pantry.

  9. 24. How to Transform an Old Stereo into a Dresser

    Learn how to transform an old stereo into a dresser storage unit, from DIY Netowork.

  10. 25. Accent Table (20:00)

    Amy Devers constructs a wall-mounted concrete accent table.

  11. 26. Give Old Furnishings a New Purpose

    With a bit of imagination, furniture and found objects can do double duty in your home.

  12. 27. Ubiquitous Casters (02:21)

    Learn about types and sizes of casters and get installation tips.

  13. 28. Tips for Refinishing Wooden Outdoor Furniture

    DIY Network offers tips to help you care for your wooden outdoor furniture and keep it looking its best for years.

  14. 29. How to Secure Heavy Furniture (00:01:00)

    Securing heavier furniture to a wall keeps it in place in an earthquake.

  15. 30. Coffee Table (20:00)

    Amy creates a classic coffee table from white oak and a pane of glass.