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How to Install a New Door Jamb

Step-by-step instructions for installing a new door jamb and adding decorative trim.

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Top 100 Framing Projects

  1. 1. Better Your Building Envelope (03:53)

    Secrets to strengthening your home against extreme conditions.

  2. 2. Playhouse (05:04)

    This playhouse is constructed using solid framing techniques.

  3. 3. Energy Efficient Home (04:22)

    Take a look inside one of the most energy-efficient homes in the country.

  4. 4. Over Extension (20:01)

    The guys have to pick up the slack and frame an outdoor extension.

  5. 5. Blog Cabin: Up in a Flash (00:17)

    Watch the building of the Blog Cabin in this time-lapse video.

  6. 6. Blog Cabin Treehouse (03:31)

    Jimmy DiResta is onsite to build a custom traditional-style treehouse.

  7. 7. Hanging Drywall (02:15)

    You can save hundreds or thousands of dollars by hanging drywall yourself.

  8. 8. Wood Magnet (01:18)

    Swanson's Wood Magnet is a level that attaches directly onto a two-by-four.

  9. 9. Floating Walls (01:00)

    Amy Matthews explains how to construct a floating wall.

  10. 10. FastCap Pro Measuring Tape (01:05)

    No way you'll forget the measurements taken with this carpenter's tool.

  11. 11. Power Staplers

    Every workshop needs some form of power stapler even if you are a do-it-yourself beginner. This tool comes in handy in many projects.

  12. 12. Blog Cabin 2009 Timelapse (01:10)

    DIY Blog Cabin 2009 Timelapse

  13. 13. Frame It (20:00)

    Host Chris Grundy shows us tools for framing.

  14. 14. Jeremy's Dream (20:00)

    A deserving high school freshman gets a hip, cool hangout space.

  15. 15. Fire Hall Rec Room (03:42)

    A firehouse gets a rec room for the guys to enjoy when they're off duty.

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