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Top 25 Footings Projects

  1. 1. Fire Pit Summary (00:01:42)

    A look back at the creation of a custom fire pit and grill.

  2. 2. Footer and Foundation Building

    DIY's Home IQ series follows the Oberg family during the decision-making process of building this beautiful new home. Follow the family...

  3. 3. Strengthening the Foundation

    DIY's Home IQ follows the Oberg family during the decision-making process of building a home. In this article, you'll learn about the e...

  4. 4. Back Porch and Foundation Fix (00:02:18)

    Nicole tackles the 4th Street house's back porch and foundation problems.

  5. 5. Retaining Wall Base (02:28)

    The most important part of a retaining wall is the base.

  6. 6. Ceiling Saver (01:05)

    The Ceiling Saver gives you firm footing between ceiling joists.

  7. 7. Basic Steps of Building a Foundation

    DIY Network takes you in order through the basic steps of building of a foundation.

  8. 8. A Strong Foundation: Footings Introduction

    DIY Network explains one of the most important elements of building a new home — the foundation.

  9. 9. A Strong Foundation: Installing the Foundation

    DIY Network explains the basics steps to installing a home's foundation.

  10. 10. Firepit, Part 1 (05:00)

    Dean and Derek begin construction on an outdoor firepit.

  11. 11. Solving a Footer Problem

    In this family's home construction a mistake is caught giving the builder time to address the issue and make the necessary changes with...

  12. 12. A Strong Foundation: More Footings Information

    This article offers strong foundation information for different parts of the country.

  13. 13. How to Pour Deck Footings (01:47)

    The correct way to pour a deck foundation.

  14. 14. Firepit, Part 2 (05:53)

    Dean and Derek complete construction on an outdoor firepit.

  15. 15. Stone Walls (01:00)

    Here are tips for building a small decorative stone wall.

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