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Top 100 Floors Projects

  1. 46. In-Floor Heating (01:00)

    There'll be no more cold feet when you install affordable in-floor heating.

  2. 47. How To Paint a Zebra Striped Floor Cloth

    This animal print floor cloth will bring out the wild side to any room.

    $50 - $100
    Easy to Moderate
  3. 48. Inspecting Laminate Flooring (00:32)

    Inspect laminate flooring before installation to ensure a perfect fit.

  4. 49. How to Repair Common Problems on Walls, Doors and Floors

    The experts at offer solutions on how to fix scratched floors, stained carpets, cracked tile, broken locks and more.

  5. 50. How to Install Backer Board

    Learn how to install backer board before installing a ceramic tile floor.

    $50 - $100
  6. 51. Keeping Allergens at Bay (03:02)

    Tips and cleaning techniques for keeping your home allergen-free.

  7. 52. Vinyl Flooring Primer (03:37)

    Install vinyl flooring like a pro with hands-on advice from Karl Champley.

  8. 53. Pour-n-Restore (01:08)

    This grease stain remover has cleaner and absorber in the same process.

  9. 54. How to Install a Concrete Floor

    Laying an interior concrete floor is usually a renovation project that takes place in your basement. Learn how to remove an old wood fl...

  10. 55. Heated Kitchen Floors (00:42)

    Here's a look at heated kitchen floors starting at about $10 a square foot.

  11. 56. Plan and Cut Laminate Flooring (01:07)

    Get tips on how to begin laying laminate flooring and make cuts as needed.

  12. 57. Insulation (08:56)

    Matt Blashaw tests insulation head to head with cotton candy.

  13. 58. Outdoor Family Room (20:00)

    Dean and Derek move this family's playtime into an outdoor family room.

  14. 59. Hardwood Floor Installation (00:04:10)

    John DeSilvia and John Palanca install a hardwood floor.

  15. 60. Add Insulation to Attic Floor (00:01:02)

    Here are the DIY Basics for adding insulation to an attic floor.