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Top 59 Entryways Projects

  1. 16. Entryway Dreams (00:20:00)

    Nicole Curtis completes the entryway restoration of the Minnehaha House.

  2. 17. A Functional Entryway (01:00)

    Creative ideas for dealing with stuff that gathers just inside the door.

  3. 18. Installing a Deadbolt Lock (03:52)

    Putting a deadbolt lock on your door is easy. Here's how to do it yourself.

  4. 19. How to Build a Corner Bench

    If you prefer guests remove their shoes upon entering your home, consider building a triangular corner bench for them to sit on. This b...

    2 hours
    $1 - $50
    Easy to Moderate
  5. 20. Installing an Indoor Waterfall

    Add a beautiful entrance to a foyer by installing an indoor waterfall in just one weekend.

    Moderate to Hard
  6. 21. Building an Entryway Pergola (00:00:30)

    Give your home's entryway great depth, style and shade with a pergola.

  7. 22. Fence and Gate Install (00:01:32)

    Improve curb appeal with a new fence or gate for your front yard.

  8. 23. Entryway Update (20:00)

    Homeowner Ryan Maddux wants to give his entryway a contemporary makeover.

  9. 24. Creating an Entry Wall

  10. 25. Hall Tree (04:23)

    Learn how to build this classic entryway piece using pine and plywood.

  11. 26. Dramatic Limestone Entryway (03:51)

    Give your home a floor facelift by installing new limestone tile.

  12. 27. Foyer Photos: DIY Blog Cabin 2009

    See room photos of the Blog Cabin 2009 foyer at DIY Network.

  13. 28. Brick Front Entrance (00:05:03)

    Dean and Derek go to Orlando, Florida, to build a brick front entrance

  14. 29. Masonry (20:00)

    Three masons compete to see who can build the coolest brick wall.

  15. 30. Modern Urban Living Room (03:49)

    Nick and Tanya expand their living space with an outdoor living room.