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Tiling a Foyer: How to Grout the Tile

Host Paul Wilson completes the look of the flooring in a foyer by grouting the tile.

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Top 63 Entryways Projects

  1. 1. Tiling a Foyer: Tips on Installing Medallions on Tile Flooring

    DIY experts give tips on affordable ways to install medallions to tile flooring in a foyer.

  2. 2. Foyer Tour: DIY Blog Cabin 2009

    DIY Network tours the features and furnishings in the Blog Cabin 2009 foyer.

  3. 3. Equity-Boosting Home Upgrades (00:03:16)

    Amy and Tony make upgrades throughout their home to boost its value.

  4. 4. Landscaping the Dollar House (00:03:17)

    Nicole finishes up her $1 house by completing the entryway and landscaping.

  5. 5. Blog Cabin 2011: Foyer Tour

    The beautiful and welcoming foyer at Blog Cabin 2011 features heart-pin flooring, rustic-chic furnishings and picturesque views of the ...

  6. 6. Building an Entryway Pergola (00:00:30)

    Give your home's entryway great depth, style and shade with a pergola.

  7. 7. Fence and Gate Install (00:01:32)

    Improve curb appeal with a new fence or gate for your front yard.

  8. 8. Great-Room Crash (04:56)

    Josh Temple and crew crash the Blog Cabin to give John DiSilvia a hand.

  9. 9. 10 Floating Staircases for Cloud Nine Design

    DIY Network gives you ideas for floating staircases.

  10. 10. Installing a Deadbolt Lock (03:52)

    Putting a deadbolt lock on your door is easy. Here's how to do it yourself.

  11. 11. Spruce Up Your Entryway (00:00:30)

    Take a look at your home's entryway through fresh eyes -- then update it!

  12. 12. Tiling a Foyer: How to Tile Stair Risers

    Host Paul Wilson shows how to install tiles to stair risers in a foyer.

    $500 - $1,000
    Moderate to Hard
  13. 13. Foyer Tour From Blog Cabin 2014

    With bamboo flooring and craftsman-style doorways, the foyer establishes the home's warm, welcoming and open design approach. Take a vi...

  14. 14. Foyer Makeover

    Learn how to transform an unfinished foyer into a grand entrance.

    Moderate to Hard
  15. 15. Spruce Up Your Entryway (00:01:00)

    Take a look at your home's entryway through fresh eyes -- then update it!

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