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Top 100 Entertaining Projects

  1. 76. Cucumber and Radish Crostini with an Herb Cheese Spread

    DIY Network has an easy recipe for a healthy party appetizer.

  2. 77. Homeowners' Backyard Overhaul (00:03:57)

    Homeowners turn their "scary" backyard into a great space for entertaining.

  3. 78. Art Deco Outdoor Party Space (00:03:02)

    An unusual Chicago home gets its own funky art deco outdoor party space.

  4. 79. 30 Top Products From I Want That, Season 4

    DIY Network shows you 30 of the best products from I Want That. See one you can't live without? Pin it and tell us why you want it!

  5. 81. Halloween Party Ideas: Make Green Gelatin Shots With Spiders

    DIY Network has easy and inexpensive ideas for throwing a Halloween party.

  6. 82. Couple Entertains Kitchen Redo (00:03:29)

    A couple's love of entertaining motivates them to remodel their kitchen.

  7. 83. Family Friendly Tech

  8. 84. How to Create a Farmers’ Market-Style Centerpiece

    DIY Network has instructions on how to use fresh-picked fruits to create a rustic-style centerpiece with the look and feel of a bountif...

  9. 85. Wedding Showers

    DIY Network has everything you need to plan a wedding shower including themed party ideas, printable invites, games, diy decorations an...

  10. 86. Chris Lambton's 10 Ways to Make Your Backyard More Fun

    DIY Network expert, Chris Lambton, shares some of the best ways to make the backyard you family's new favorite spot.

  11. 87. How To Make a Pineapple, Banana and Coconut Smoothie

    DIY Network has a quick and easy recipe for making a tropical fruit drink.

  12. 88. Fun Wedding Ad Lib Games

    DIY Network shares free ad libs printables for wedding showers.

  13. 89. Stock-the-Bar Couples Shower (00:02:46)

    Why not throw a stock-the-bar couples shower for the bride-and-groom-to-be?

  14. 90. Bonus Room Has Cabin Vibe (00:03:55)

    Josh turns a couple's unused bonus room into a cozy space for entertaining.