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Top 100 Eco-Friendly Projects

  1. 91. Eco-Friendly Paint (00:01:00)

    Jason Cameron shares quick tips on eco-friendly paint.

  2. 92. Bathroom Trip (20:00)

    A newly engaged couple get a perfect bathroom for two.

  3. 93. Bath Storage Tips (03:20)

    Organize your bathroom cabinet and find out how to store medications.

  4. 94. Saltwater Weed Killer (00:00:24)

    Stop weeds from overtaking your yard with this environmentally safe trick.

  5. 95. Smart Home 2013 Cool Features (00:02:56)

    Anitra Mecadon shows some of the cool 2013 Smart Home features she loves.

  6. 96. Reclaimed Wood Shutters (00:01:00)

    Matt Muenster shows how wood shutters can add style to a bathroom.

  7. 97. PUSH the Building Envelope (03:58)

    Find out why one builder has such high praise for these building materials.

  8. 98. How to Design an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

    Go green and follow these easy design tips from DIY Network to create an affordable, stylish and eco-friendly kitchen.

  9. 99. 9 Hot Trends for Today's Kitchens

    DIY Network covers the latest design trends from Asian Fusion and organic to high tech.

  10. 100. How to Have an Energy Efficient Home

    Taking these simple steps around your home will help reduce the amount of energy you waste and lower your bills.

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