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Top 29 Dressers Projects

  1. 16. Craft A Custom Bath Vanity (02:01)

    Create your own one-of-a-kind bathroom vanity from a cabinet or dresser.

  2. 17. Dress up a Dresser

    Easy, inexpensive ideas from DIY Network help keep your dresser drawers looking and working their best.

  3. 18. Decorating and Design (03:02)

    Give an old dresser a new lease on life and turn it into a sofa table.

  4. 19. Kitchen Island (03:57)

    DIY designer transforms an old dresser into a beautiful kitchen island.

  5. 20. How to Paint a Retro Floral Design on a Dresser

    DIY Network shows you how to customize an old dresser with your favorite colors and unique designs.

  6. 21. How to Paint a Trompe L'oeil Landscape on a Dresser

    DIY Network shows you how to revive an old dresser by painting a colorful landscape design.

  7. 22. How To Update Furniture With Fabric

    The experts at DIY Network show you how to use paint, fabric and decoupage glue to upcycle an old wood dresser.

  8. 23. How to Turn an Old Dresser Into Mudroom Storage shows you how to paint an old dresser with plain paint and chalkboard paint.

  9. 24. Asian Dresser (03:16)

    Nancy Golden creates an Asian-inspired dresser using bamboo & grasscloth.

  10. 25. How to Remove Paint and Reveal the Natural Wood

    A dresser gets stripped with liquid paint remover to reveal its natural pine color, then stamped with small suns to add character to th...

    $50 - $100
    Easy to Moderate
  11. 26. Faux-Finish Dresser (02:00)

    Give furniture a new look with a faux finish paint technique.

  12. 27. Preparing a Nursery (01:00)

    How to make a safe, welcoming nursery with a little creativity and paint.

  13. 28. How To Dress Up a Dresser

    An old bare wood dresser becomes an elegant buffet with the help of a paint layering technique.

    Two Days
    $50 - $100
  14. 29. How to Build a Recessed Cabinet in an Attic Bedroom

    Make and install a built-in cabinet to fit inside an attic wall.

    Moderate to Hard
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