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Top 100 Doors Projects

  1. 91. Locked Out (00:22)

    Before calling a locksmith, try this trick to beat a balky door lock.

  2. 92. Old-School Charm (04:55)

    Jimmy DiResta and Kevin O'Connor add old-school charm to the cabin.

  3. 93. Weather-Sealing Doors (03:23)

    Stop letting heat seep out your doors. Weather-seal them today.

  4. 94. Installing a Sliding TV Door (00:01:00)

    Hiding a TV with a sliding wood door gives your room a new look. See how.

  5. 95. How to Distress a Door (00:00:60)

    Jason Cameron shares quick tips on how to distress a door.

  6. 96. Kitchen Expansion (03:43)

    A cluttered room morphs into a large kitchen and eating area in three days.

  7. 97. Insulation (08:56)

    Matt Blashaw tests insulation head to head with cotton candy.

  8. 98. Kwikset: Installing a SmartKey (02:47)

    Follow these steps from Kwikset to install a SmartKey quickly and easily.

  9. 99. Install a Garage Door Opener (01:02)

    Here are the DIY Basics for installing a garage door opener.

  10. 100. Installing A Garage Door (02:01)

    Install a new garage door by yourself, with the advice of a professional.

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