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Top 100 Doors Projects

  1. 31. How to Hang an Interior Door into an Existing Jamb

    Learn how to fit and hang a door with these simple steps.

  2. 32. All About French Doors explains popular French door designs and offers tips for installing one in your home.

  3. 33. Garage Door Insulation (01:00)

    Make your garage energy efficient and help cut heating and cooling bills.

  4. 34. Christmas Cabin Transformation (00:03:39)

    Bronson modernizes this room while keeping its Early American charm intact.

  5. 35. Weatherproofing Doors (04:50)

    Be a home detective by locating and repairing costly leaks around doors.

  6. 36. Patron Court (20:00)

    The crew heads to Patron Court to help a very deserving pair of seniors.

  7. 37. Entry Door Styles

    The experts at share the different types of entry doors to help you choose the right one for your home.

  8. 38. Hanging a Unique Bathroom Door (00:01:00)

    Matt installs a hanging glass and wood door for a stylish bathroom upgrade.

  9. 39. Front Door Upgrade (00:47)

    Create a great first impression by adding a kick plate to your door.

  10. 40. Laminate Overlay (00:02:31)

    Laminate overlay adds a contemporary finish to dated cabinet doors.

  11. 41. Say Good-Bye to Bifold Doors (00:01:00)

    Upgrade the look of your home with stylish sliding track doors.

  12. 42. Door Project Part 3 (05:23)

    The guys argue about a big headache job of building custom mahogany doors.

  13. 43. Big, Wide and Desperate (05:43)

    A couple of busy parents need a clue about gardening in their front yard.

  14. 44. Raising a Deck Up High (03:48)

    A useless builder deck is replaced by a stunning space 'way up in the air.

  15. 45. Home Security (20:00)

    How safe is your home from burglaries?


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