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Top 100 Doors Projects

  1. 16. How to Install Bifold Closet Doors

    DIY Network has instructions on how to install the track and doors of a bifold door system.

  2. 17. How to Convert a Window to a Door: Interior Trim, Caulk and Paint

    Host Fuad Reveiz finishes the window conversion project by installing the interior trim, caulking any imperfections and nail holes, add...

    $500 - $1,000
    Moderate to Hard
  3. 18. Kevin Tackles This New House (02:18)

    Kevin O'Connor vlogs about the challenges of marrying design and function.

  4. 19. Hook Driver

    If you're looking for a handy tool to attach hooks to doors or walls, DIY experts have the answer.

  5. 20. Squeeze the Last Drop of Caulk (00:00:22)

    Get every last bit of caulk from a spent tube using this trick.

  6. 21. How to Repair Common Problems on Walls, Doors and Floors

    The experts at offer solutions on how to fix scratched floors, stained carpets, cracked tile, broken locks and more.

  7. 22. How to Paint a Front Door

    A freshly painted front door can boost a home's curb appeal. It's a weekend project with years with worth of curb appeal.

    Two Days
    $50 - $100
    Easy to Moderate
  8. 23. How to Paint Faux Wood-Grain Pocket Doors

    Liven up pocket doors with a faux wood-grain technique.

    $1 - $50
    Easy to Moderate
  9. 24. Door Shut? Install a Window- 1 (05:11)

    Palanca hits the streets to try to pull in new projects for DesignTech.

  10. 25. How to Install French Doors (00:00:60)

    Jason Cameron shares quick tips on how to install French doors.

  11. 26. Bye-Bye, Boring Bifold Doors (00:00:30)

    Banish boring bifolds and welcome sleek sliding track doors.

  12. 27. Corner Shelf Made of Shutters (02:02)

    We show how to make a corner shelving unit out of shutter doors.

  13. 28. Outdoor Zen Spa, Part 4 (05:42)

    A repurposed red door reveals the transformation of the stone patio & spa.

  14. 29. How to Install a Deadbolt and a Lockset

    If you plan to purchase a door slab instead of a pre-hung door, follow these step-by-step instructions from on how to in...

  15. 30. Repurpose Railing (20:02)

    Amy installs a cool wet bar and then a transom window above the door.


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