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Top 100 Doors Projects

  1. 16. Convert a Window Into an Exterior Door

    Weekend Remodeling host Fuad Reveiz transforms an existing set of windows into a beautiful new entryway.

    Moderate to Hard
  2. 17. Entry Doors: Portal to the Soul of Your House

    Before you buy new doors, learn the pros and cons of different types of doors, the various styles and latest trends from

  3. 18. Kitchen Cabinet Tune-Up (01:58)

    Make easy adjustments to re-align sagging cabinet doors.

  4. 19. Stark to Inviting: Fixtures (20:01)

    The outdated shower plumbing fixtures are renovated in this bathroom.

  5. 20. Door Replacement (02:46)

  6. 21. How to Fix Sticking, Rattling Doors and Loose Hinges

    Fix common problems with doors that are too tight or too loose, or learn how to switch the side that the door opens on.

  7. 22. Window and Door Safety Tips (04:32)

    Learn crime prevention tips on securing your doors and windows.

  8. 23. Doggie Door (00:01:06)

    To install a doggie door in your home, here's what you should know.

  9. 24. Library With a Hidden Door (00:02:44)

    Stephen's task: create a hidden door between a library and a powder room.

  10. 25. Replacing Doors (01:44)

    Upgrading a home's doors makes a positive impact on potential buyers.

  11. 26. Trending Home DIY Products (00:03:28)

    Home improvement trends are featured from the 2013 Hardware Show in Vegas.

  12. 27. How to Build a Sliding Barn Door

    Construct a sliding barn door with character and DIY charm for less than $100!

    $100 - $250
  13. 28. Corner Shelf Made of Shutters (02:02)

    We show how to make a corner shelving unit out of shutter doors.

  14. 29. Cabinet Door Inserts (01:00)

    Upgrade builder-grade vanities with stylish door inserts.

  15. 30. How to Install French Doors (00:00:60)

    Jason Cameron shares quick tips on how to install French doors.


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