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Top 50 Desks Projects

  1. 46. How To Build a Rustic Office Desk

    The Mega Dens crew teams up with Blog Cabin 2014 to create a drafting desk with a Vintage feel. Get step-by-step instructions on DIYNet...

  2. 47. Decorative Desk Blotter (02:00)

    Enjoy your decorative papers while you work with this desk blotter.

  3. 48. How to Make a Desk From Old Cabinets

    Re-use old cabinets to add a country-style touch to your kitchen furniture. Learn how to refurbish your old kitchen cabinets with these...

    Two Days
    $100 - $250
  4. 49. Organizational Desk Design (00:01:19)

    This desk looks like a piece of fine furniture and has plenty of storage.

  5. 50. Family Office Nook (01:23)

    No room for a home office? No problem -- an office nook will work!

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