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Top 100 Decorating Projects

  1. 61. Getting the Hang of Pictures (00:22)

    Check out this handy tip to help hang artwork on the walls.

  2. 62. Designing an Entertaining Kitchen

    If you love to entertain in your kitchen, here are some steps to create an inviting and fun space.

    Moderate to Hard
  3. 63. Hiring a Caterer (02:19)

    A professional guide to what you need to know about hiring a caterer.

  4. 64. How to Make Paper Rosebud Party Streamers

    DIY Network has instructions on how to make easy but elegant party streamers using colorful paper and ribbon.

  5. 65. Kitchen Island (04:08)

    Make your own wheeled kitchen island that adds space and convenience.

  6. 66. How to Make a Vintage School Pennant Party Banner

    DIY Network shows you how to bring collegiate or varsity flair to your next party with a banner made of mismatched vintage school penna...

  7. 67. Ribbon Flower Accents

    DIY Network experts show how ribbon flowers can be used as decorative accents, gift tie-ons or gathered into a soft, elegant bouquet.

  8. 68. Kitchen Trends: Romantic Design

    DIY Network shows you how to create a romantic kitchen.

  9. 69. Bridal Favors: "Fore Ever" Golf Balls

    Need a bridal favor that would suit the sports fans at your wedding? Learn how to make "Fore Ever" Golf Ball Party favors, from DIY Net...

  10. 70. How To Decorate a Book Crate For a Baby's Room

    DIY Network shows you how to turn a plain wood crate into storage for children's books and toys.

  11. 71. 8 Things You Didn't Know You Could Paint

    DIY Network explains how to paint household items and furniture to give them new life and personality.

  12. 72. Kitchen Color Design Ideas

    DIY Network has design ideas for adding color to your kitchen.

  13. 73. Home Theater Design Basics

    DIY Network has all the specs on how to lay out a home theater and the best materials you should use in order to get the best the visua...

  14. 74. Decorating With a Tropical Theme

    Love the beach? Consider decorating a room in your house with a tropical theme and keep those sunny memories alive.

  15. 75. Throw a Stock-The-Library Baby Shower

    DIY Network shows you how to decorate for a book-themed baby shower. Free printables and tutorials make this an easy, budget-friendly s...


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