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Top 100 Decorating Projects

  1. 61. Garden Picture Frame (01:46)

    DIY Kits shows you how to make a garden themed picture frame.

  2. 62. Kitchen Trends: Romantic Design

    DIY Network shows you how to create a romantic kitchen.

  3. 63. Luxurious Kitchen Sinks (01:24)

    Update your kitchen by installing a new sink.

  4. 64. Stained-Glass Blinds (02:00)

    Create an art project with a view with colorful stained-glass blinds.

  5. 65. Decorative Paint Technique: Strie Painting

    Use paint to dress up a room with the look of fine fabric.

    $50 - $100
    Easy to Moderate
  6. 66. Yummy Gifts (02:32)

    We show you how to make chocolate spoons and other edible holiday gifts.

  7. 67. How to Make a Holiday Greeting Card Display

    DIY Network has step-by-step instructions on how to turn a plain corkboard into a creative place to display greeting cards and photogra...

  8. 68. Top 10 DIY Dining Room Projects

    Get ideas and project instructions to freshen up your dining room from DIY Network.

  9. 69. Elegantly Simple Reception Table

    Learn how to create visual interest on a reception table that features blossoms and candles of differing heights, from DIY Network.

  10. 70. Adding Character to a Foyer

    DIY experts add oversized accessories to a foyer with a high ceiling so they'll be visible.

  11. 71. Wedding Table Number Ideas

    DIY Network shares ideas for table number decorations.

  12. 72. Easy Stenciled Recipe Wall (02:31)

    Create a focal point in your kitchen by stenciling a recipe.

  13. 73. Top Shelf Advice (00:00:22)

    Check out this trick for installing a shelf when you can't find a stud.

  14. 74. The 25 Most Awesome DIY Features of 2014 So Far

    Countdown’s Top 25 features of 2014, so far.

  15. 75. Bread Cornucopia (03:23)

    We show you how to make a bread cornucopia for your Thanksgiving table.


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