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Top 100 Crafting Projects

  1. 76. How to Make a Valentine's Day Countdown Paper Chain

    DIY Network shows you how to count down the days until Valentine's Day in style with a handmade paper heart chain.

  2. 77. Crochet Circle Necklace

    How to crochet an eye-catching necklace using sparkly gold yarn.

  3. 78. How to Make an Origami Crane (00:04:22)

    Emily Fazio shows how to fold paper to make a classic origami crane.

  4. 79. Coffee Filter Flowers

    Make bright, imaginative paper flowers from a surprising source.

  5. 80. Light-Bulb Tree Ornaments (00:02:01)

    Use upcycled light bulbs to create a variety of colorful tree ornaments.

  6. 81. Lightweight Concrete Planters

    Learn how to create lightweight indoor or outdoor concrete containers using castoff foam packing materials from DIY Network.

  7. 82. Custom Sand Sifter (03:28)

    Create a custom sand sifter for your beachy treasure trolling.

  8. 83. All Wrapped Up (04:17)

    Spice up your jewelry collection with a beautiful beaded ring.

  9. 84. Hawaiian Tiki Masks (04:54)

    Get inspired and create festive Hawaiian Tiki masks from paper mache.

  10. 85. How to Make a Tropical Flower Lamp

    A tree branch and an old lamp are attached together to add unique lighting to the bedroom, from DIY Network.

  11. 86. Bottle-Cap Jewelry

    If you've been throwing away bottle caps, stop right now. Here's how to make a pendant from a bottle cap -- or you can link a series of...

  12. 87. How to Make String Art

    DIY Network shows you how to do a string art project with simple step-by-step instructions.

  13. 88. Seashell Bracelet (01:26)

    Add summer style to your winter wardrobe with a unique seashell bracelet.

  14. 89. Subversive Cross-Stitch Pattern: Sew What?

    DIY Network has free downloadable patterns made exclusively by Julie Jackson of Subversive Cross Stitch.

  15. 90. Sow Some Seedy Invitations (00:51)

    Turn ordinary seed packets into ingenious invitations for a garden party.


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