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Top 100 Crafting Projects

  1. 61. DIY Paper Quilt (04:49)

    Get step-by-step directions for creating a building block paper quilt.

  2. 62. How To Make Personalized Flashlights and a Hand Shadow Chart

    Spark every kid's imaginations with hand shadows that spring to life when the lights go down.

    $1 - $50
  3. 63. How to Apply a Tropical Stenciling Technique

    A decorative painting expert creates a sun-dappled base with a stenciled palm leaf overlay.

    $100 - $250
    Easy to Moderate
  4. 64. Take A Belt! (02:10)

    See how one old belt can give birth to many baby belted accessories.

  5. 65. How to Make a Cottage-Style Yarn Ball Wreath

    DIY Network shows you how to make a nautical-inspired wreath done two ways: one for the holidays and one for the rest of the year.

  6. 66. Flowers for Mom (00:01:56)

    Arrange her flowers yourself and start with these easy tips from the pros.

  7. 67. Make Etched Oil-and-Vinegar Bottles From Upcycled Wine Bottles

    DIY Network shows you how to make etched oil and vinegar bottles from old wine bottles.

  8. 68. Flowery Scrapbook (04:10)

    How to combine photos with beautiful botanical papers on Scrapbooking.

  9. 69. License to Create (02:06)

    Recycle old license plates to create containers for plants and more.

  10. 70. How to Carve a Halloween Pumpkin

    Learn clever and fun techniques for carving Halloween pumpkins, from DIY Network.

  11. 71. Vintage-Look Wedding Page (04:36)

    Create a vintage wedding page that uses pleated paper as ribbon.

  12. 72. Fun Lollipop Tree (04:38)

    Create your own lollipop tree for your next spring party. Sweet!

  13. 73. Arty Breakfast Tray (04:16)

    Preserve artwork from your child with this easy breakfast tray project

  14. 74. Clothesline Photo Layout (04:19)

    Add personality and polka dotted fun to a scrapbook photo page.

  15. 75. Wild and Funky Janis Tank (08:23)

    Design a funky tank top that knits up fast with only a few basic stitches.


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