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Top 100 Contractors Projects

  1. 91. Mike Holmes on How to Find the Right Contractor

    Ready to start a home renovation? Mike Holmes, host of HGTV's "Holmes on Homes," offers sound advice on one of the most important decis...

  2. 92. Jobs Better Left to a Contractor

    Not all home improvement projects are fit for DIYers. DIY Network points out which jobs should be left for the pros.

  3. 93. Tropical Retreats (40:01)

    A tropical retreat design is more than just plants.

  4. 94. $2 Million Listening Room (00:20:02)

    What is an 18,000 sq foot apartment missing? A listening room, of course!

  5. 95. Meet the Mackey's (20:00)

    The Mackey's begin a new career as winemakers while building a new home.

  6. 96. Thrash Flood (20:00)

    What would you do if a flood hit your house?

  7. 97. The Big Basement (03:42)

    Scott saves more than $14,000 by acting as his own general contractor.

  8. 98. Hardwood Floors Boost Value (02:16)

    Hardwood floors are one of the biggest equity boosts around. Learn why.

  9. 99. DIY Contractor 102 (04:16)

    Be Your Own Contractor, the rule for contracting success: advance planning.

  10. 100. Precut Column Kit (00:00:30)

    Turn a structural eye sore into an architectural asset with this neat kit.

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