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Top 100 Contractors Projects

  1. 91. Plumbing- Part 1 (06:49)

    Contractor Matt Blashaw learns just what goes into engineering a toilet.

  2. 92. Replacing Gutters (02:40)

    Josh gives tips on replacing damaged gutters and downspouts.

  3. 93. Garage Attic Access Installed (00:01:58)

    Rob and crew install a telescoping staircase to gain garage attic access.

  4. 94. Precut Column Kit (00:00:30)

    Turn a structural eye sore into an architectural asset with this neat kit.

  5. 95. 10 Smart Remodeling Tips From Amy Matthews

    Ready to tackle a home improvement project? Before you begin, learn how to add the most value for the least money and avoid costly mist...

  6. 96. Repurposing Extra Rooms (01:27)

    Unneeded rooms can add equity to a house when they're repurposed wisely.

  7. 97. Meet Million Dollar Contractor (02:15)

    Million Dollar Contractor premieres Sunday, October 16, at 10p/9c, on DIY.

  8. 98. Overhead Storage System (01:03)

    Learn how to add overhead storage with these easy step-by-step directions.

  9. 99. Cool, Quick Bathroom Vanity (00:01:00)

    Watch as Amy Matthews turns a kitchen cart into a stylish bathroom vanity.

  10. 100. Playfully Modern Basement Reno (00:03:46)

    A growing family gets a brand-new, playfully modern basement space.

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