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Top 100 Contractors Projects

  1. 91. New Cabinets, Added Equity (02:23)

    Custom or stock, new cabinets can have a major impact on a home's value.

  2. 92. Easy DIY Kegerator (00:00:30)

    With a few basic steps, add this fun extra to your entertaining space.

  3. 93. Replacing Doors (01:44)

    Upgrading a home's doors makes a positive impact on potential buyers.

  4. 94. Vanilla Ice Returns (00:00:15)

    Vanilla Ice is back! Join him Saturday, January 21, at 9p/8c, on DIY.

  5. 95. Rescuing a Wrecked Roof (00:03:13)

    These homeowners are in for a treat: a rescued roof is only the beginning.

  6. 96. Building a Natural Stone Patio (19:59)

    Gino builds a natural stone patio in Mary's unused backyard.

  7. 97. A Paver Walkway on a Slope (02:58)

    A house built on a slope is in serious need of professional help.

  8. 98. Bavarian-Style Master Suite (00:04:02)

    Homeowners transform a bathroom and bedroom into a luxurious master suite

  9. 99. Metallic Tile Fireplace (20:01)

    An outdated space is transformed into a sleek, modern family room.

  10. 100. Fire and Ice (20:00)

    Fire and ice - both have the potential to create major disasters.

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