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Top 100 Contractors Projects

  1. 91. Ultimate Outdoor Lounges (40:00)

    Real MAA fighters take their yards to the battlefields, Turf War style.

  2. 92. Green Garage (03:32)

    This garage goes green when salvaged materials make their way back inside.

  3. 93. Slate Tiles (01:01)

    Amy Matthews discusses the advantages of using slate tile in the bathroom.

  4. 94. Build Smarter, Insulate Better (00:01:00)

    See the many types of insulation modern building science has to offer.

  5. 95. Garage Wall Storage (03:31)

    Learn how to create an overhead storage shelf with these easy directions.

  6. 96. Bronson's Reference Library (00:03:14)

    Leave it to Bronson to make his own type of man cave: a reference library.

  7. 97. Neighbors Go to Battle (40:00)

    These neighbors enjoy playing in each other's backyards.

  8. 98. Deck Cleaning (01:03)

    Host Amy Matthews shares tips on cleaning and sealing a wooden deck.

  9. 99. Quaint Cottage Library (00:02:47)

    Even without bookshelves, Bronson turns this room into a charming library.

  10. 100. Construction Nightmare (03:41)

    John helps Dave and Jess fix some critical mistakes their contractor made.

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