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Top 100 Contractors Projects

  1. 76. Creating a Gateway to the Yard (03:06)

    A contractor builds the shell, but the homeowners finish the addition.

  2. 77. Apartment Alterations (03:52)

    Let down by contractors, Ariana acts as her own general contractor.

  3. 78. High-Rise Landscaping (04:10)

    It's a first for Gino: tackling an eleventh-story terrace in Manhattan.

  4. 79. Bronson's Mellow Room (00:03:55)

    Bronson works on a cozy parlor that has been dubbed the "mellow room."

  5. 80. Replace a Sink and Faucet (00:36)

    Even small touches like a new kitchen faucet can make everything look new.

  6. 81. Two-Level Deck in the Backyard (00:03:30)

    The Sweat Equity crew helps a couple lanscape and install a two-level deck.

  7. 82. Daryl Talks Over-Halling (00:01:29)

    Join Daryl Hall as he starts his Restoration Over-Hall, July 19, 10/9c.

  8. 83. Largest Cathedral Arch Bridge (20:01)

    Matt helps constructs the largest "cathedral arch" Galena Creek Bridge.

  9. 84. Precut Column Kit (00:00:30)

    Turn a structural eye sore into an architectural asset with this neat kit.

  10. 85. Kitchen & Mudroom Renovation (00:02:17)

    Homeowners tackle their '50s kitchen update. But what will it cost them?

  11. 86. DIY Contractor 102 (04:16)

    Be Your Own Contractor, the rule for contracting success: advance planning.

  12. 87. The Ultimate Listening Room (00:03:26)

    Great care and precision go into building this sweet-sounding room.

  13. 88. Racing the Snow (00:03:15)

    Erin and Toby finish their remodel just ahead of the biggest snow in years.

  14. 89. Paul Ryan

    Learn more about Paul Ryan, host of DIY Network's Kitchen Renovations.

  15. 90. Renovating a Gutted House (03:58)

    An engaged couple's relationship survives a 4,000-square-foot home reno.