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Top 100 Contractors Projects

  1. 76. Metal Barn Wood Kitchen (20:01)

    House Crashers takes on Atlanta and remodels a 1930s kitchen!

  2. 77. Plumbing- Part 2 (04:32)

    Contractor Matt Blashaw learns just what goes into engineering a toilet.

  3. 78. Windows (20:00)

    Contractor Matt Blashaw learns all about windows.

  4. 79. DIY Roof-Ventilation Tips (00:01:00)

    Tips for correctly ventilating a roof to give your home the best airflow.

  5. 80. DIY Landscape Lighting Tips (00:03:18)

    Increase your home's safety and security with these easy lighting ideas.

  6. 81. Upgrades Add Home Equity (02:01)

    Increase your home's equity with these suggestions for household upgrades.

  7. 82. Josh Temple's 10 Ways to Save on Your Electric Bill

    Josh Temple, host of DIY Network's House Crashers and Disaster House, provides 10 tips for saving money on your utility bill.

  8. 83. More Storage for a Tiny Space (00:03:55)

    Steve creates a wall storage unit made to look like original built-ins.

  9. 84. Family Kitchen Facelift (03:27)

    Our "crazy guy in a hardware store" helps Jim and Chris have a new kitchen.

  10. 85. Daryl Talks Over-Halling (00:01:29)

    Join Daryl Hall as he starts his Restoration Over-Hall, July 19, 10/9c.

  11. 86. Windows- Part 2 (04:45)

    Contractor Matt Blashaw learns all about windows.

  12. 87. Extensive Kitchen Makeover (00:03:38)

    Homeowners turn their tiny kitchen into a beautiful space - and save money.

  13. 88. Creating a Master Suite (00:02:54)

    Homeowners tackle their century-old home and add a spacious master suite.

  14. 89. Design Flaw Requires New Plan (00:03:56)

    Danielle overcomes design issues of a 10-year-old house with a new layout.

  15. 90. Stucco Homes (03:21)

    Do-it-yourself contractors discuss how to select the right stucco.