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Top 100 Contractors Projects

  1. 76. Houseboat Renovation (04:01)

    Houseboat owner Dawn undertakes a major remodel of her floating home.

  2. 77. Exterior Lighting (01:23)

    Show off your home's landscaping and define spaces with exterior lighting.

  3. 78. Kitchen With Eclectic Elegance (00:03:54)

    A remodel enlarges and adds eclectic elegance to this Colonial's kitchen.

  4. 79. Gino and the Root of All Evil (04:35)

    Gino tackles an evil root system and a yardful of hardheaded boulders.

  5. 80. Laundry Room (20:00)

    Kevin and Nicole want to turn an odd bedroom into a mud and laundry room.

  6. 81. Million Dollar Ideas (20:00)

    Sweat Equity makes a house look like a millon bucks, on just 24 grand.

  7. 82. Cool, Quick Bathroom Vanity (00:01:00)

    Watch as Amy Matthews turns a kitchen cart into a stylish bathroom vanity.

  8. 83. Rocking the Dining Room (00:20:00)

    Vanilla Ice and his crew race to finish renovating the mansion.

  9. 84. Tim Borntrager

    Learn more about Tim Borntrager, host of DIY Network's From Junky to Funky

  10. 85. Stucco Homes (03:21)

    Do-it-yourself contractors discuss how to select the right stucco.

  11. 86. Garage Gym (20:01)

    An empty garage transformed into a multi-functional workout area.

  12. 87. Guaranteed Bedbug Remedy (00:03:00)

    Snug as a bug? Not so much. See why heat is a bedbug's worst nightmare.

  13. 88. Jobs Better Left to a Contractor

    Not all home improvement projects are fit for DIYers. DIY Network points out which jobs should be left for the pros.

  14. 89. Valuable Lakeside Real Estate (00:03:05)

    Rob takes advantage of lake access to create a valuable lakeside property.

  15. 90. Kitchen Expansion (03:43)

    A cluttered room morphs into a large kitchen and eating area in three days.