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Top 100 Contractors Projects

  1. 76. Windows- Part 3 (06:17)

    Contractor Matt Blashaw learns all about windows.

  2. 77. A Foundation and a Harvest (20:00)

    Work on the new house continues and the Mackey's harvest their grapes.

  3. 78. Slaughter vs. Wiring (01:53)

    Josh fixes the electrical system after heavy metal band Slaughter fries it.

  4. 79. Rescuing Wet Documents (00:01:13)

    Precious papers water-damaged? Don't worry: these rescue tips can help.

  5. 80. Building an Entryway Pergola (00:00:30)

    Give your home's entryway great depth, style and shade with a pergola.

  6. 81. House Invasion (20:00)

    A car drives through the front door and animals create havoc in the attic!

  7. 82. Renovating a Rental Apartment (03:25)

    John & Rachel want to renovate an apartment rental - and save tons of cash.

  8. 83. Anniversary Landscape (00:01:54)

    For their anniversary, a couple gets Gino to redo their "scary" front yard.

  9. 84. Window Waterfall Family Room (03:25)

    A living room and family room area gets a redo that includes a waterfall.

  10. 85. Pocket Door Adds Privacy (00:03:25)

    A pocket door that matches the existing windows adds privacy to a loft.

  11. 86. Brick Cleaning (01:00)

    Here's how to bring back the luster to exposed brick walls.

  12. 87. DIY Roof-Ventilation Tips (00:01:00)

    Tips for correctly ventilating a roof to give your home the best airflow.

  13. 88. Vanilla Ice on an Amish Farm (00:00:30)

    Gettin' down on the farm: Vanilla Ice Goes Amish, Saturday night at 10p/9c.

  14. 89. Underwater Tunneling Machine (20:01)

    Matt helps bore a mile-long tunnel under the Allegheny River.

  15. 90. Garage Gym Makeover (00:03:40)

    Find out whether turning a couple's garage into a home gym will pay off.