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Top 100 Contractors Projects

  1. 76. Increasing Home Equity (01:00)

    Here are the DIY Basics on increasing your home's equity.

  2. 77. Beautiful Bungalow Kitchen (00:04:07)

    Homeowners update their craftsman kitchen to match the rest of their home.

  3. 78. Window Install (02:12)

  4. 79. Rick Yerger

    Learn more about Rick Yerger, host of Finders Fixers.

  5. 80. Rocking the Dining Room (00:20:00)

    Vanilla Ice and his crew race to finish renovating the mansion.

  6. 81. Fifth Avenue Vacation Home (00:04:00)

    Stephen gives an NYC apartment an updated neo-Renaissance makeover.

  7. 82. Landscape Victory (20:02)

    Sherice is a DIYer who is clueless when it comes to fixing her landscape.

  8. 83. Best of Both Worlds (03:20)

    Gino must find a way to make two huge builds fit the way he wants them to.

  9. 84. Nice, Nice Landscaping (20:01)

    Vanilla Ice and his construction crew work on the landscaping.

  10. 85. Modern Tropical Master Suite (00:03:49)

    The Zeamans decide a modern tropical design is best for their master suite.

  11. 86. Josh Temple's 10 Ways to Save Money on Your Water Bill

    Josh Temple, host of DIY Network's House Crashers and Disaster House, provides 10 tips to save money on your water bill.

  12. 87. 50's Bath Redo x2 (20:00)

    Rob's updating his 50's rambler and next up is the maze of pink bathrooms.

  13. 88. Ultimate Outdoor Lounges (40:00)

    Real MAA fighters take their yards to the battlefields, Turf War style.

  14. 89. Turf War 103 Waterscapes (40:00)

    A massive water feature is the main centerpiece of this yard.

  15. 90. Grilled (20:00)

    Fires of all kind threaten every home, but are you prepared?