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Top 100 Contractors Projects

  1. 76. Roof Restoration (03:54)

    Restoring the cedar shake roof gives Ryan's home a sweet boost in equity.

  2. 77. Quality and Durability (01:58)

    Amy Matthews offers expert tips for judging carpet quality and durability.

  3. 78. Beach House Kitchen Remodel (02:57)

    A beach house's kitchen loses an unneeded window and gains lots of space.

  4. 79. V.I.P. Backyard Changes (00:04:00)

    Ron transforms a backyard and installs a much-needed sprinkler system.

  5. 80. New Uses for Recycled Glass (00:01:00)

    From countertops to concrete, old glass bottles are taking on new lives.

  6. 81. Problematic Paneling (00:02:42)

    Building detailed wood paneling proves problematic for Stephen's crew.

  7. 82. Building a Dry-Rot-Free Deck (00:03:30)

    Don't miss these steps for preventing dry rot when building a DIY deck.

  8. 83. Total Kitchen Transformation (00:03:05)

    An expensive $31k bid prompts Steve & Kim to redo their kitchen themselves.

  9. 84. Gino, the King of Mud (04:30)

    Gino fights downpours and the resulting mud to finish a pool-and-patio job.

  10. 85. Easy DIY Kegerator (00:01:00)

    With a few basic steps, add an easy kegerator to your entertaining space.

  11. 86. Lolly Column (06:29)

    The crew sets 400-pound lolly columns in place to support a huge I-beam.

  12. 87. Mailbox Repair (01:43)

  13. 88. Open Kitchen Shelving (00:00:30)

    See how easy it is to get this trendy look without a major kitchen remodel.

  14. 89. Why Prefab Is Fabulous (00:01:00)

    Across the board, see why builders are turning to prefab construction.

  15. 90. Best of Both Worlds (03:20)

    Gino must find a way to make two huge builds fit the way he wants them to.