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Top 100 Contractors Projects

  1. 61. One Big Master Suite (00:03:05)

    Stephen and his crew turn a two-bedroom apartment into a huge master suite.

  2. 62. Decked-Out Monster Garage (00:02:59)

    Rob creates a garage that car junkies won't ever want to leave.

  3. 63. New Poker Room Raises Stakes (00:03:13)

    Rob raises the stakes in a poker room that highlights high-roller living.

  4. 64. Metallic Tile Fireplace (20:01)

    An outdated space is transformed into a sleek, modern family room.

  5. 65. Century-Old Dining Room Redo (00:03:03)

    Stephen restores a beautifully paneled century-old dining room.

  6. 66. Increasing Home Equity (01:00)

    Here are the DIY Basics on increasing your home's equity.

  7. 67. Easy DIY Kegerator (00:01:00)

    With a few basic steps, add an easy kegerator to your entertaining space.

  8. 68. Nine Can't Miss Million-Dollar Remodels

    When money is no object, some amazing home remodeling can happen. Check out nine of our favorite high-end Manhattan makeovers from Step...

  9. 69. Creating an Accessible Bath (00:03:20)

    An accessible bath is vital due to this homeowner's degenerative condition.

  10. 70. Repurposing Furniture (02:27)

    Repurposing old furniture can give you a nice return for very little money.

  11. 71. Landscape Victory (20:02)

    Sherice is a DIYer who is clueless when it comes to fixing her landscape.

  12. 72. Home Gym (20:00)

    Lisa and Mic O'Brien bought their 1930s home for one reason - the schools.

  13. 73. Desperate in Derby (00:03:23)

    Jason and crew clean up a mess left by a contractor who bailed on the job.

  14. 74. From Garage to Cottage (20:00)

    The Wasted Spaces team transforms this garage into a workshop.

  15. 75. Enlarging a Bedroom (01:45)

    Enlarging this extra bedroom into a master suite nets a $54k equity boost.