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Top 100 Contractors Projects

  1. 46. Quality and Durability (01:58)

    Amy Matthews offers expert tips for judging carpet quality and durability.

  2. 47. The Home Office (20:02)

    The office presents more than a few design challenges for Vanilla Ice.

  3. 48. Adding a Backsplash (01:35)

    Adding a backsplash can really "up" the appeal of a cookie-cutter kitchen.

  4. 49. Josh Temple's 10 Remodeling Dos and Don'ts

    Josh Temple, host of DIY Network's House Crashers and Disaster House, shares his top 10 dos and don'ts of any home remodeling project.

  5. 50. Attic Access and Flooring (20:00)

    Installing a folding attic ladder can markedly improve access to the attic.

  6. 51. Coldplay Concert: Hockey Rink (20:00)

    A rock concert arena is converted into a hockey rink in less than one day.

  7. 52. $2 Million Listening Room (00:20:02)

    What is an 18,000 sq foot apartment missing? A listening room, of course!

  8. 53. Huge Tropical Backyard Oasis (00:02:47)

    Rob creates an enviable tropical oasis in this sprawling Florida backyard.

  9. 54. The Ultimate Listening Room (00:03:26)

    Great care and precision go into building this sweet-sounding room.

  10. 55. Privacy Plants Rile Neighbor (00:03:57)

    Ron plants privacy trees but has to make peace with a grumpy neighbor.

  11. 56. How to Hire a Kitchen Contractor

    A little legwork is required to find the best contractor for your kitchen remodel. DIY experts offer tips on what you should do before ...

  12. 57. Serene Contemporary Suite (00:03:53)

    A double-sided fireplace adds drama to a serene contemporary master suite.

  13. 58. Nice, Nice Landscaping (20:01)

    Vanilla Ice and his construction crew work on the landscaping.

  14. 59. Entertainer's Kitchen (20:00)

    We're tearing out a wall to create an entertaining area.

  15. 60. Backyard Tiki Hut Oasis (00:03:39)

    This Tiki Hut is complete with a full outdoor kitchen and artificial turf.