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Top 100 Contractors Projects

  1. 31. LED Lightbulb Options (00:01:00)

    LED lightbulbs are now being made for all applications in your home.

  2. 32. Fuad Reveiz

    Learn more about Fuad Reveiz, host of DIY Network's Healthy Household Workshop.

  3. 33. Garage Door Disaster (00:03:46)

    See what happens when a flying car meets a garage door.

  4. 34. Hidden No Longer (03:08)

    No longer hidden by trees, a rebuilt house gets a brand-new front yard.

  5. 35. Bronson's Reference Library (00:03:14)

    Leave it to Bronson to make his own type of man cave: a reference library.

  6. 36. Floating Floor Solutions (00:00:30)

    These floating tiles are just one of many quick and easy floor fixes.

  7. 37. DIY Landscape Lighting Tips (00:03:18)

    Increase your home's safety and security with these easy lighting ideas.

  8. 38. Elegant Kitchen Upgrade (00:03:46)

    A couple's kitchen makeover ups their home equity & leaves them speechless.

  9. 39. King's Dominion Rollercoasters (20:00)

    Matt helps repair the rollercoaster rides at Kings Dominion theme park.

  10. 40. Concrete Repair (01:10)

    Paul Ryan gives tips on repairing concrete.

  11. 41. Home Gym (20:00)

    Lisa and Mic O'Brien bought their 1930s home for one reason - the schools.

  12. 42. Installing Glass Door to Patio (00:03:18)

    Rob and crew remove windows in a rundown garage and install a glass door.

  13. 43. Open Kitchen Shelving (00:00:30)

    See how easy it is to get this trendy look without a major kitchen remodel.

  14. 44. Harlem YMCA Kitchen Project (00:03:12)

    Stephen and chef Marcus Samuelsson create a new kitchen for a Harlem YMCA.

  15. 45. Adding a Fireplace (01:17)

    A well-thought-out fireplace can yield a 100 percent return on investment.