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Top 100 Contractors Projects

  1. 31. Honey Bee Infestation (00:03:55)

    See how to remedy a honey bee hive situated within your home's walls.

  2. 32. Framing In a Front Porch (03:43)

    Framing in a porch gives a homeowner a larger living room and kitchen.

  3. 33. Choosing a Style (02:10)

    Amy Matthews shares tips on choosing the right style carpet for your needs.

  4. 34. Bronson's Mellow Room (00:03:55)

    Bronson works on a cozy parlor that has been dubbed the "mellow room."

  5. 35. Home Energy Saving (20:00)

    Contractor Matt Blashaw discovers how insulation is made.

  6. 36. Garage Gym (20:01)

    An empty garage transformed into a multi-functional workout area.

  7. 37. Reclaimed Historic Stone (00:00:30)

    Reclaimed stone yards offer great value and unique character.

  8. 38. Sunroom Sanctuary (20:02)

    A young family turns an unused sunroom into a finished living space.

  9. 39. Equity-Boosting Home Upgrades (00:03:16)

    Amy and Tony make upgrades throughout their home to boost its value.

  10. 40. Baltimore Subway Repair (20:00)

    Matt and crew replace 2000 feet of train track in the Baltimore subway.

  11. 41. Deck Railing Safety Tips (00:04:11)

    Here are expert tips for building and properly maintaining a deck railing.

  12. 42. Slate Tiles (01:01)

    Amy Matthews discusses the advantages of using slate tile in the bathroom.

  13. 43. Lake Views (20:00)

    Homeowners Erin and Toby bought the ugliest house in the best neighborhood.

  14. 44. Salvaged Pool Better Than New (00:03:54)

    Vanilla Ice and crew salvage a pool bringing it back to a tropical retreat.

  15. 45. Clear Up Closet Chaos (00:00:30)

    Simplify your life just by simply organizing your closets.