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Top 100 Contractors Projects

  1. 31. Urban Modern Bachelor Pad (00:03:53)

    What bachelor wouldn't love this living space with its urban modern vibe?

  2. 32. Advice From a Contractor: Get it in Writing

    DIY Network's home-improvement expert Mike Holmes offers some straight talk on why it's so important to get a written contract from you...

  3. 33. Money-Saving Basement Sauna (04:00)

    Installing a basement sauna themselves saves these homeowners $5,000.

  4. 34. 10 Grand in Your Hand (00:30)

    Watch 10 Grand in Your Hand, Wednesday at 10:30/9:30c on DIY.

  5. 35. Windows (20:00)

    Contractor Matt Blashaw learns all about windows.

  6. 36. New Heights (20:02)

    Jason Cameron goes to new heights to erase the desperation of this house.

  7. 37. Thrash Flood (20:00)

    What would you do if a flood hit your house?

  8. 38. Better Roofing Options (00:01:00)

    Recycle old asphalt shingles and upgrade to one of these efficient options.

  9. 39. Coldplay Concert: Hockey Rink (20:00)

    A rock concert arena is converted into a hockey rink in less than one day.

  10. 40. Bronson's Reference Library (00:03:14)

    Leave it to Bronson to make his own type of man cave: a reference library.

  11. 41. Make a Wish List (00:33)

    Make a budget and stick to it so you'll stay within your financial limits.

  12. 42. Precut Column Kit (00:01:00)

    Turn a structural eyesore into an architectural asset with this neat kit.

  13. 43. Kitchen (20:00)

    The 80s style cabinets and traditional rail in this kitchen have to go.

  14. 44. The Newest Kitchen Appliances (00:01:00)

    See new advancements and features on standard home appliances.

  15. 45. Nice, Nice Landscaping (20:01)

    Vanilla Ice and his construction crew work on the landscaping.