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Top 100 Contractors Projects

  1. 16. Ice's Afternoon Show-and-Tell (00:03:12)

    Wes and Ice spend an afternoon surveying one of their past reno projects.

  2. 17. Matt Muenster's 10 Water Watch-Out Areas

    Matt Muenster, a licensed contractor and host of DIY Network's Bath Crashers and Bathtastic!, tells the 10 areas in the bathroom to wa...

  3. 18. Mosaic Peninsula Fireplace (20:01)

    An outdated, bulky fireplace is completely remodeled into an art piece.

  4. 19. Big Basement Blowout (03:55)

    Newlyweds Jeff and Julie want to blow out their '70s basement on the cheap.

  5. 20. Windows- Part 2 (04:45)

    Contractor Matt Blashaw learns all about windows.

  6. 21. Grape Escapes (40:02)

    Nothing says grape escapes like these two desperate yards.

  7. 22. Solar Tube (00:48)

    Here are tips for successfully installing a solar tube skylight.

  8. 23. Raised Countertops (00:01:25)

    A raised kitchen bar helps hide clutter and adds entertainment space.

  9. 24. Rick Yerger

    Learn more about Rick Yerger, host of Finders Fixers.

  10. 25. Meet Steve Fanuka (00:02:15)

    Meet Steve Fanuka, Million Dollar Contractor, Sundays at 10p/9c, on DIY.

  11. 26. Ice Gives Back and Chills Out (00:02:30)

    Rob and Wes spend a free evening helping a special charity and relaxing.

  12. 27. Matt Muenster's Top 10 Tiling Tricks

    Matt Muenster, a licensed contractor and host of DIY Network's Bathtastic! and Bath Crashers, shares his tiling tricks and tips.

  13. 28. Family Kitchen Facelift (03:27)

    Our "crazy guy in a hardware store" helps Jim and Chris have a new kitchen.

  14. 29. Garage Gym (20:01)

    An empty garage transformed into a multi-functional workout area.

  15. 30. Art Stage vs. Pergola (39:59)

    These neighbors enjoy playing in each other's backyards.