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Top 100 Contractors Projects

  1. 16. DIY Vapor-Barrier Installation (00:01:00)

    John DeSilvia explains the importance of laying a vapor barrier correctly.

  2. 17. Door Replacement (02:46)

  3. 18. Vanilla Ice Returns (00:00:15)

    Vanilla Ice is back! Join him Saturday, January 21, at 9p/8c, on DIY.

  4. 19. High Tech and Hidden (20:01)

    Vanilla Ice discovers 500-square-feet of unused space in the house.

  5. 20. Tiny Houses, Tiny Upkeep (00:01:00)

    See how a new downsizing trend helps save time, money and clutter.

  6. 21. Expanding a Tiny Master Bath (00:04:15)

    By taking John's advice and doing a lot of DIY work, this couple saves big.

  7. 22. New Wooden Staircase (00:01:00)

    You can DIY it! See this how-to on replacing carpeting on steps with wood.

  8. 23. Entertainment Kitchen (20:00)

    Jeff and Heather want to add the perfect entertaining kitchen.

  9. 24. Hideous House Update (04:05)

    Jesse and Amy use their $12,000 budget to redo their home's ugly exterior.

  10. 25. John Palanca

    Learn more about John Palanca, host of DIY Network'sUnder Construction.

  11. 26. 8 Expert Flooring Tips From Amy Matthews

    Amy Matthews, host of DIY Network's Sweat Equity, shares her advice for choosing the right flooring, successfully installing it and pro...

  12. 27. Quick, Cool Bathroom Vanity (00:00:30)

    Watch as Amy Matthews turns a kitchen cart into a stylish bathroom vanity.

  13. 28. Smoke Out (20:00)

    Make sure dryer lint doesn't start a fire in your home with this advice.

  14. 29. Concrete Repair (01:10)

    Paul Ryan gives tips on repairing concrete.

  15. 30. Nice, Nice Landscaping (20:01)

    Vanilla Ice and his construction crew work on the landscaping.