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Top 100 Contractors Projects

  1. 16. Fresh Garden Ideas (00:01:00)

    Check out these innovative gardening solutions and trends.

  2. 17. Your Carpet Investment (02:22)

    Amy Matthews has expert tips on protecting your carpet investment.

  3. 18. Home Gym (20:00)

    Lisa and Mic O'Brien bought their 1930s home for one reason - the schools.

  4. 19. Adding Gutters (00:56)

    Gutters are one of the most important lines of defense against rain damage.

  5. 20. Tom Silva

    Learn more about Tom Silva, host of DIY Network's Ask This Old House.

  6. 21. Under Stairs Closet (20:00)

    Create a clever closet space by opening up a wall beneath a stairway.

  7. 22. 3 Spaces Become 1 Great Room (04:08)

    Newlyweds turn their boxed-in kitchen, dining room & den into a great room.

  8. 23. A Room for Laundry and Mud (00:04:04)

    Drew and Jen expand the laundry room and create a mudroom at the same time.

  9. 24. Hearing the House's Voice (00:01:07)

    Bronson discusses hearing and understanding a house's voice.

  10. 25. Front Yard Facelift (03:28)

    Gino helps out a couple who've redone their backyard but ignored the front.

  11. 26. Bill Click

    Learn more about Bill Click, host of DIY Network's Restoration Realities.

  12. 27. DIY Vapor-Barrier Installation (00:01:00)

    John DeSilvia explains the importance of laying a vapor barrier correctly.

  13. 28. Equity-Boosting Home Upgrades (00:03:16)

    Amy and Tony make upgrades throughout their home to boost its value.

  14. 29. Advice From a Contractor: Get it in Writing

    DIY Network's home-improvement expert Mike Holmes offers some straight talk on why it's so important to get a written contract from you...

  15. 30. From the Front to the Back (03:31)

    After doubling their home's size, Lisa and Bob hire Gino to do the outside.