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How To Create a 3-D Collage Backsplash

This one-of-a-kind idea demonstrates how to display your favorite collection, from silverware to shells, in a 3-D collage.

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Top 11 Collage Projects

  1. 1. 3-D Box Collage

    How to revamp a cigar box into a clever 3-D box collage.

  2. 2. Book Plaque (05:53)

    Use glue, crafts, poems and paints to make a special book plaque.

  3. 3. Creative Collecting (02:43)

    Collections offer pieces to enjoy and they inspire new ones to create.

  4. 4. How to Make a Photo Collage on a Big Letter

    Crafting experts at DIYNetwork share how to make a photo collage letter, and easy, kid-friendly project.

  5. 5. Gift Bag, Glass Collage, Cards (00:20:01)

    Create a gift bag and Jumpin' Jack and peek-a-box cards and more!

  6. 6. Books Into Display Boxes (04:50)

    Learn how to redesign books using scrapbooking techniques and collage.

  7. 7. Creative Fabric Collage (02:00)

    Learn how to create a cool fabric collage you can use for fabric projects.

  8. 8. A No Mess Collage (03:16)

    Creatively collage your history with little mess or cleanup.

  9. 9. Collage Kwanzaa Greetings (04:51)

    Create Kwanzaa greetings using a unique collage technique.

  10. 10. Vintage Collage Photo Art (12:40)

    Create an original work of art with collage, paint and found objects.