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Top 22 Clogs Projects

  1. 16. Homemade Cleaning Products

    The DIY Network shows you how to concoct your own cleaning products, it economical and eco-friendly.

  2. 17. Plumbing and Cleaning Tips

    Take a look at these helpful tips from DIY Network for working aorund the house.

  3. 18. Plumbing- Part 4 (03:47)

    Contractor Matt Blashaw learns just what goes into engineering a toilet.

  4. 19. Johnny Jolter (01:13)

    When it comes to tough clogs, throw that old plunger away!

  5. 20. Gutter Check (00:00:21)

    Keep your feet firmly on the ground while you check for clogged gutters.

  6. 21. How to Fix a Clogged Toilet

    One of the most common and frustrating fixes for a homeowner is a clogged toilet. We had an 8,000-pound African elephant help us seriou...

    Under Half Day
    $50 - $100
    Easy to Moderate
  7. 22. Johnny Jolter (00:01:07)

    Here's a tool that helps unclog toilet drains more efficiently.

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