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Top 100 Cleaning Projects

  1. 76. Two-Bucket Car Washing (00:00:20)

    Check out this system for a clean scratch-free finish to your car.

  2. 77. Wall-to-Wall (04:01)

    Clean those fingerprints and stains off your walls in minutes.

  3. 78. Store It/ Clean It (00:20:00)

    Chris checks out all the best stuff to help you stay clean and organized.

  4. 79. Furniture Polish (03:01)

    Make your own wood polish with ingredients from your kitchen pantry.

  5. 80. Removing Stains From Wood

    When water has penetrated wood, sanding and bleach are the best antidotes.

    2 hours
    $1 - $50
  6. 81. Pet-Friendly Home for Cats (01:00)

    This handy guide will help you create a healthy home for you & your cat.

  7. 82. How to Clean Windows Like a Pro

    Learn the 3 simple steps and the proper tools you need to make your windows look as if they were professionally cleaned.

  8. 83. Clean Fridge (04:02)

    Queen of Clean shows how to clean the refrigerator with natural cleaners.

  9. 84. iRobot Dirt Dog (00:01:26)

    Keep your workshop floor debris-free with this robotic vacuum.

  10. 85. Microwave Messes (00:00:25)

    Cleaning the inside of a microwave oven is easy with this great tip!

  11. 86. Polishing Wood Furniture

    Get expert tips and techniques for cleaning wood furniture from

  12. 87. Power Washing a Walk

    This DIY Download will provide tips on how to power wash a walkway.

    $1 - $50
  13. 88. Cleaning Tricks (04:59)

    Tips for cleaning jobs, from the chandelier to waxy candle holders.

  14. 89. Maintain Your High-End Kitchen Gear

    If you're making an investment in commercial-style kitchen equipment, you'd better know how to take care of it. Learn how with these ti...

  15. 90. Cleaning Brick Fireplaces (00:01:45)

    Try some of these ways to get stained, dirty bricks clean on a mantel.