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Top 100 Christmas Projects

  1. 91. Outdoor Christmas Lighting Tips

    DIY Network shares tips on choosing, maintaining and installing the best outdoor Christmas lighting for your home.

  2. 92. Holiday Scrapbook (04:41)

    DIY Scrapbooking shows how to get Twelve Days of Christmas memories.

  3. 93. How to Turn a Baby Spoon into a Christmas Tree Ornament

    DIY Network has instructions on how to turn your baby’s first spoon into a keepsake Christmas ornament.

  4. 94. Open It (00:01:19)

    This three-in-one tool could make holiday gift opening more enjoyable.

  5. 95. Customize Your Holiday Plates (00:58)

    Turn boring plates into cool Christmas canvasses with holiday designs.

  6. 96. How To Make a "Be Merry" Christmas Banner

    DIY Network has instructions and a downloadable template to make paper bunting for your holiday decor.

  7. 97. Photo Ornament (04:27)

    How to create a treasured family ornament from Holiday Decorating & Crafts.

  8. 98. Yard Decorations (03:27)

    Festive tips for the best decorated yard in the whole neighborhood.

  9. 99. Dancing Christmas Lights (00:01:09)

    Light-O-Rama gives you all you need to make your Christmas lights dance.

  10. 100. Holiday Gift Bags (01:20)

    Make these stylish gift bags for wrapping up all your holiday gifts.

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