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Ceiling Fans

Top 35 Ceiling Fans Projects

  1. 31. Soft Contemporary (3 of 4): Lights in Place

    Host Paul Ryan shows how to remove an old ceiling fan and replace it with new monorail track lights.

    $250 - $500
    Easy to Moderate
  2. 32. Ceiling Fan Switches (02:08)

    Get some expert advice about installing a dimmer to a ceiling fan.

  3. 33. How to Install a Ceiling Fan (11:24)

    Amy Matthews demonstrates step by step how to install a ceiling fan.

  4. 34. Step 6: Attach Fan Blades (01:00)

    How to attach the fan blades to the rotating bezel.

  5. 35. Cool Craftsman Style (03:23)

    This family of six can't afford to be kitchenless for long.

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