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Top 100 Cabins Projects

  1. 91. A Blogged Cabin (00:01:20)

    Check out the mishaps and challenges that developed during construction.

  2. 92. Favorite Project (00:38)

    What was the 2008 Blog Cabin winner's favorite project in the construction?

  3. 93. Blog Cabin 2009: Winning Home Features

    Check out the spectacular features of DIY Network's Blog Cabin 2009.

  4. 94. 2012 Living Room Tour (00:02:19)

    Chris Grundy tours the living room of the 2012 Blog Cabin.

  5. 95. Blog Cabin 2008: Patio

    The patio provides easy access to an outdoor hot tub and stone fire pit.

  6. 96. Cobblestone Install (01:00)

    How to install a cobblestone patio like the one at the Blog Cabin.

  7. 97. How to Make Barn-Door Style Blackout Shutters

    Barn-door style wooden shutters block out external light to darken the home theater area.

    $100 - $250
  8. 98. Lakeshore Cabin Fix-Ups (00:03:17)

    The brothers do a few fix-ups to get a lakeshore cabin ready for summer.

  9. 99. Cool Cabin, Cool Tools- Part 4 (02:55)

    Chris Grundy and a few cool tools get the Blog Cabin roof off the ground.

  10. 100. Blog Cabin 2013 Video Tour (00:01:05)

    Take a video tour of the 2013 Blog Cabin, on the North Carolina coast.

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