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Top 100 Cabins Projects

  1. 91. Blog Cabin: Up in a Flash (00:17)

    Watch the building of the Blog Cabin in this time-lapse video.

  2. 92. Bedrooms & Crafted Closets - 4 (03:09)

    Jimmy Diresta joins the team to add a few DIY items to the cabin bedrooms.

  3. 93. Blog Cabin Time Lapse (00:30)

    Watch time-lapse footage of Blog Cabin 2009.

  4. 94. Blog Cabin Walkaround Tour (01:40)

    DIY's BATHtastic host Matt Muenster gives you a tour of the Blog Cabin.

  5. 95. Blog Cabin: Man Cave Theater (20:00)

    Jason Cameron is back to create the home theater chosen by the bloggers.

  6. 96. Harnessing Hydropower (00:03:03)

    Bob must figure out a way to harness hydropower to provide electricity.

  7. 97. Arts and Crafts Kitchen - 2 (06:10)

    See hardwood floors become butcher block, and a canoe becomes a wine rack.

  8. 98. Blog Cabin 2007

    Visit the cozy mountain retreat built in the Great Smoky Mountains. DIY's first Blog Cabin featured a green metal roof, bark exterior s...

  9. 99. A Porch to Chill On Part 2 (03:56)

    Jason Cameron heads up the mountain to help finish off both cabin porches.

  10. 100. Chris Grundy vlog (01:36)

    Chris Grundy discusses what's happening during construction.

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