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Top 100 Cabins Projects

  1. 76. Patios, Pizzas and Problems- 1 (07:10)

    Dean and Derek turn the Blog Cabin patio into an dazzling outdoor room.

  2. 77. Custom Kitchen Shelving How-To (02:46)

    How to build custom shelving for any kitchen.

  3. 78. Vintage Vegas Lounge (20:00)

    This bland entry and log cabin room transforms into a vintage Vegas lounge.

  4. 79. How to Make Barn-Door Style Blackout Shutters

    Barn-door style wooden shutters block out external light to darken the home theater area.

    $100 - $250
  5. 80. Blog Cabin Picnic Table (00:35)

    A Blog Cabin carpenter talks about a picnic table he's building.

  6. 81. Blog Cabin 2008: Guest Bedroom

    DIY Network tours a few features of a guest bedroom in a log cabin.

  7. 82. Blog Cabin 2013 Guest Bedroom (00:01:52)

    Laurie March shows the 2013 Blog Cabin's sunny, cheerful guest bedroom.

  8. 83. Blog Cabin 2009: Life at Little Pine

    With hiking trails, campsites, seasonal community events and more, DIY Network shows you what life at Little Pine is all about.

  9. 84. Building the Man Cave (00:02:17)

    Jason Cameron discusses what's happening during building.

  10. 85. Old House, New Cabin - Part 3 (04:57)

    Kevin & Roger from This Old House stop by to see the new Blog Cabin.

  11. 86. Log Home Update (03:50)

    Cassie and Aaron tackle their log cabin's kitchen for a $14,000 net gain.

  12. 87. How to Lay Bamboo Flooring (01:37)

    How to lay bamboo flooring for any room in the house.

  13. 88. How to Build Custom Shutters (00:55)

    Here's Blog Cabin's step-by-step process for building custom shutters.

  14. 89. Blog Cabin 2013 Living Room (00:02:26)

    Laurie March shows the 2013 Blog Cabin's living room and its stunning view.

  15. 90. Blog Cabin 2013 Landscape Vlog (00:01:52)

    The Desperate Landscapes crew visits the 2013 Blog Cabin, in Atlantic, NC.