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Top 100 Cabins Projects

  1. 76. Blog Cabin 2010: Winner Takes Home the Prize

    Meet the winner of Blog Cabin 2010. Tony Marino hails from Matthews, a suburb of Charlotte, N.C. Visit to read the Q&A.

  2. 77. Blog Cabin 2011 Great Room (01:04)

    Join Matt Blashaw for a tour of the 2011 Blog Cabin's sunny great room.

  3. 78. Man Cave Tour: DIY Blog Cabin 2009

    DIY Network tours the features and furnishings in the Blog Cabin 2009 man cave.

  4. 79. Blog Cabin: Deconstruction (20:00)

    Matt Blashaw is in town to do a ground up deconstruction of the Blog Cabin.

  5. 80. Blog Bedrooms, Crafted Closets (20:00)

    Jimmy Diresta constructs a cool boat bed for a kids room.

  6. 81. Installing a Flagstone Patio (01:02)

    Here's Blog Cabin's step-by-step process for installing a flagstone patio.

  7. 82. Bath Goes to Blog 2014 (00:20:01)

    Inspired by the lakeside setting, the master suite becomes a sanctuary.

  8. 83. Matt Swings and Breaks Stuff (02:55)

    Matt Blashaw builds a swing for the treehouse and (of course) breaks stuff.

  9. 84. The Finish Line - Part 3 (03:10)

    Ahmed, Chris and Simon are racing to finish the Blog Cabin on time.

  10. 85. Blog Cabin Deck (01:00)

    A quick guide to installing a deck like the Blog Cabin's.

  11. 86. Blog Cabin Basement Tour (03:00)

    Josh Temple gives viewers a tour of the Blog Cabin basement.

  12. 87. Blog Cabin Landscape Tour (01:05)

    Jason Cameron conducts a tour of the Blog Cabin front landscape.

  13. 88. Bedrooms & Crafted Closets - 4 (03:09)

    Jimmy Diresta joins the team to add a few DIY items to the cabin bedrooms.

  14. 89. House Crashers on Blog Cabin (00:01:03)

    Chris Grundy and Josh Temple: highlights of the 2013 Blog Cabin in NC.

  15. 90. Cobblestone Install (01:00)

    How to install a cobblestone patio like the one at the Blog Cabin.