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Top 100 Cabins Projects

  1. 61. Sizzling Landscapes Part 3 (04:57)

    The team gets dirty transforming the cabin worksite into a prize landscape.

  2. 62. Log Home Update (03:50)

    Cassie and Aaron tackle their log cabin's kitchen for a $14,000 net gain.

  3. 63. Jason and Amy Run Amok (01:55)

    Jason Cameron vlogs about his experience on the Blog Cabin build.

  4. 64. Flooring with Flair Part 3 (05:48)

    The wood floors are installed with a special inlay and poplar bark siding.

  5. 65. How to Lay Bamboo Flooring (01:37)

    How to lay bamboo flooring for any room in the house.

  6. 66. Blog Cabin 2008: Kitchen and Dining Area

    DIY Network tours a few features of the kitchen and dining area in a log cabin.

  7. 67. Country Kitchen Countertops 4 (05:15)

    Unique granite countertops are chosen, fabricated, and installed.

  8. 68. A Porch to be Reckoned With- 2 (05:11)

    John and Jimmy Diresta deck the deck with one of a kind porch furniture.

  9. 69. 2013 DIY Blog Cabin Mega Den (00:02:54)

    Anitra shows off some of the features of the 2013 DIY Blog Cabin mega den.

  10. 70. Blog Cabin Landscaping- Part 2 (03:58)

    As the inside of the house comes together, attention turns to landscaping.

  11. 71. Kitchen Cabinet Installation (01:52)

    Easy step-by-step instructions for installing new kitchen cabinets.

  12. 73. How to Build Custom Shutters (00:55)

    Here's Blog Cabin's step-by-step process for building custom shutters.

  13. 74. A Cabin Created by Bloggers (00:00:45)

    You designed it, and we built it the way you wanted it. Now check it out!

  14. 75. Blog Cabin 2011 Third Floor (00:45)

    Check out the family-friendly third floor of the 2011 Blog Cabin.