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Top 100 Cabins Projects

  1. 46. How to Install New Pine Trim in Rustic Room

    If you're looking for a rustic style -- or maybe even a cabin feel for your own bedroom -- here's a project from host Fuad Reveiz to ma...

    Two Days
  2. 47. Clean-Up Job: Amy Matthews (02:03)

    Amy Matthews discusses what's happening during building.

  3. 48. Blog Cabin 2008: Kitchen and Dining Area

    DIY Network tours a few features of the kitchen and dining area in a log cabin.

  4. 49. Blog Cabin 2012 Bedroom Items (00:01:33)

    Good Housekeeping buys accessories for the Blog Cabin 2012 guest bedroom.

  5. 50. Rocking the Fireplace Part 4 (03:17)

    Guest stars of Rock Solid show us how the pros do rock a fireplace.

  6. 51. Landscaping With Ahmed Hassan (04:10)

    Here's an overview of Blog Cabin landscaping with Ahmed Hassan.

  7. 52. DIY Network Blog Cabin 2010: Sullivan County Sights

    Visit to learn more about the location of DIY Network Blog Cabin 2010. Sullivan County, New York, situated in the Catski...

  8. 53. Sizzling Landscapes Part 1 (05:03)

    The team gets dirty transforming the cabin worksite into a prize landscape.

  9. 54. Blog Cabin Goes Mega (00:20:01)

    Anitra and the Mega Dens crew invade DIY Network's 2011 Blog Cabin.

  10. 55. How to Lay Bamboo Flooring (01:37)

    How to lay bamboo flooring for any room in the house.

  11. 56. House Crashers Blog Cabin (20:01)

    House Crashers' Josh Temple heads to Virginia to crash the 2011 Blog Cabin.

  12. 57. Blog Cabin 2013 Living Room (00:02:26)

    Laurie March shows the 2013 Blog Cabin's living room and its stunning view.

  13. 58. Checklist for Selecting a Property

    Blog Cabin provides a checklist for selecting a new home site.

  14. 59. Bold Blog Bathrooms (20:00)

    Amy Matthews puts a little sweat equity into the Blog Cabin bathrooms.

  15. 60. Blog Cabin Landscaping- Part 2 (03:58)

    As the inside of the house comes together, attention turns to landscaping.