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Top 100 Cabins Projects

  1. 46. Kitchen Crashers on Blog Cabin (00:02:00)

    Chris Grundy and Allison Victoria: highlights of the 2013 Blog Cabin in NC.

  2. 47. A Porch to be Reckoned With- 4 (04:25)

    John and Jimmy Diresta deck the deck with one of a kind porch furniture.

  3. 48. Blog Cabin 2014 Dining Room (00:01:02)

    Laurie March hosts a tour of the Blog Cabin 2014 dining room.

  4. 49. How to Lay Bamboo Flooring (01:37)

    How to lay bamboo flooring for any room in the house.

  5. 50. Blog Cabin Kitchen/Dining Room (00:01:49)

    Laurie March shows the 2013 Blog Cabin's kitchen and dining room.

  6. 51. Blog Cabin 2010 First Look (01:30)

    John DiSilvia announces the location of the 2010 DIY Blog Cabin.

  7. 52. Handcrafted Cabin Kitchen (02:34)

    See how homeowners used a hands-on approach to build a fantastic kitchen.

  8. 53. Staircase Solutions (20:00)

    The staircase railing is installed, but does it meet specifications?

  9. 54. Blog Cabin 2010: May Construction Update

    Visit to see the latest construction site photos of Blog Cabin 2010.

  10. 55. Blog Cabin 2014: Cabinetry (00:02:21)

    Laurie and Dylan Eastman install laundry room cabinets in Blog Cabin 2014.

  11. 56. Bath Crashers at Blog Cabin (00:02:24)

    A behind-the-scenes look at the Bath Crashers visit to Blog Cabin 2012.

  12. 57. Blog Cabin 2010: Winner Takes Home the Prize

    Meet the winner of Blog Cabin 2010. Tony Marino hails from Matthews, a suburb of Charlotte, N.C. Visit to read the Q&A.

  13. 58. Setting the Logs Part 2 (06:54)

    You designed it, you could win it, now DIY's going to build it.

  14. 59. Sizzling Landscapes Part 3 (04:57)

    The team gets dirty transforming the cabin worksite into a prize landscape.

  15. 60. Old House, New Cabin - Part 3 (04:57)

    Kevin & Roger from This Old House stop by to see the new Blog Cabin.