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Top 100 Cabins Projects

  1. 46. 2012 Master Bedroom Tour (00:01:53)

    Chris Grundy tours the master bedroom of the 2012 Blog Cabin.

  2. 47. Setting the Logs Part 2 (06:54)

    You designed it, you could win it, now DIY's going to build it.

  3. 48. A Desperate Blog Cabin (00:20:02)

    Jason takes his crew to fix up the Desperate Landscape at the Blog Cabin.

  4. 49. Blog Cabin 2011 Master Suite (01:07)

    Matt Blashaw introduces the 2011 Blog Cabin's gorgeous master suite.

  5. 50. Bathrooms With Matt Muenster (04:23)

    Matt Muenster helps create bathrooms that look like a million bucks.

  6. 51. Bathrooms That Rock Shower 1 (05:09)

    The cabin bathrooms get their finishing touches, including a power shower.

  7. 52. How to Build a Porch Swing

    Learn how to use some leftover tongue-and-groove lumber to create a rustic porch swing.

    $5,000 - $10,000
  8. 53. Jimmy Takes To the Trees (02:47)

    Jimmy DiResta vlogs about building the treehouse and speaking Southern.

  9. 54. Blog Cabin 2010: May Construction Update

    Visit to see the latest construction site photos of Blog Cabin 2010.

  10. 55. Blog Cabin (00:20:00)

    The kitchen of this years Blog Cabin in Mathews, VA gets some needed love.

  11. 56. Blog Cabin Episode 301 Recap (03:25)

    Amy Matthews gives an overview of the first days' work on the Blog Cabin.

  12. 57. The Leaky Lodge (00:02:56)

    Charlie doesn't return, leaving Bob high and not so dry with a leaky roof.

  13. 58. Cool Cabin, Cool Tools- Part 1 (05:41)

    Chris Grundy and a few cool tools get the Blog Cabin roof off the ground.

  14. 59. How to Remove a Wall (00:01:41)

    Here's a visual overview showing how to remove a load-bearing wall.

  15. 60. Jimmy DiResta Vlog (01:57)

    Jimmy vlogs about progress on the Blog Cabin and the boat bed he built.