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Top 100 Cabins Projects

  1. 31. Country Kitchen Cabinets Pt 2 (06:06)

    Country cabinets get a fitting installation from pro Paul Ryan.

  2. 32. Barna Mill (01:36)

    Here's a look at the process of milling logs at Barna Mill.

  3. 33. Cool Cabin, Cool Tools (20:00)

    Chris is armed with cool tools to get the Blog Cabin roof off the ground.

  4. 34. Create a fake rug effect (02:12)

    Need something to jazz up your living space? Paint a faux finish! Here's how.

  5. 35. Building the Man Cave (00:02:17)

    Jason Cameron discusses what's happening during building.

  6. 36. Lakeshore Cabin Fix-Ups (00:03:17)

    The brothers do a few fix-ups to get a lakeshore cabin ready for summer.

  7. 37. Blog Cabins Sweepstakes (00:15)

    Thank you for entering DIY's Blog Cabin Sweepstakes.

  8. 38. Flooring with Flair Part 4 (04:04)

    The wood floors are installed with a special inlay and poplar bark siding.

  9. 39. Blog Cabin Desperate Landscape (00:20:01)

    Desperate Landscapes makes the Blog Cabin's seaside yard a dream come true.

  10. 40. Blog Cabin 2011 Great Room (01:04)

    Join Matt Blashaw for a tour of the 2011 Blog Cabin's sunny great room.

  11. 41. Blog Cabin 2010 First Look (01:30)

    John DiSilvia announces the location of the 2010 DIY Blog Cabin.

  12. 42. 2012 Master Bathroom Tour (00:02:02)

    Chris Grundy tours the master bathroom of the 2012 Blog Cabin.

  13. 43. Bold Blog Bathrooms - Part 4 (04:38)

    Amy Matthews drops in to make the blogger's bath design wishes a reality.

  14. 44. Chris Grundy vlog (01:36)

    Chris Grundy discusses what's happening during construction.

  15. 45. Building a Kitchen Bar Cart (01:02)

    Here's Blog Cabin's step-by-step process for building a custom bar cart.