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Top 100 Cabins Projects

  1. 31. Blog Cabin 2008: Patio

    The patio provides easy access to an outdoor hot tub and stone fire pit.

  2. 32. Josh Crashes Blog Cabin (20:00)

    Josh and crew head to upstate New York to crash DIY Network's Blog Cabin.

  3. 33. Bath Goes to Blog Cabin (20:00)

    The Bath Crashers team is taking on Blog Cabin!

  4. 34. Defining the Dream (20:01)

    A spa, a landslide, and a flood all stand in the way of their dream.

  5. 35. Log Home Update (20:00)

    A five year search led Aaron & Cassie to their log home on five acres.

  6. 36. Josh Crashes Blog Cabin 2012 (00:20:01)

    Josh Temple and his crew build out the living room of the Blog Cabin.

  7. 37. Blog Cabin Family/Game Room (01:03)

    Join Matt Blashaw for a look at the 2011 Blog Cabin's family/game room.

  8. 38. Blog Cabin 2008: Basement Man Cave

    The media room is the perfect guy's getaway.

  9. 39. Log Cabin Kitchens (02:26)

    Log cabin kitchens can mix styles to create the best, most functional room.

  10. 40. How to Add Log Siding for a Rustic Look to Room

    If you're looking for a rustic style -- or maybe even a cabin feel for your own bedroom -- here's a project from host Fuad Reveiz to ma...

    Two Days
  11. 41. Country Kitchen Cabinets Pt 1 (04:12)

    Country cabinets get a fitting installation from pro Paul Ryan.

  12. 42. Vintage Vegas Lounge (20:00)

    This bland entry and log cabin room transforms into a vintage Vegas lounge.

  13. 43. Bold Blog Bathrooms - Part 1 (05:36)

    Amy Matthews drops in to make the blogger's bath design wishes a reality.

  14. 44. Blog Cabin 2010: May Construction Update

    Visit to see the latest construction site photos of Blog Cabin 2010.

  15. 45. Blog Cabin 2008 (01:21)

    Blog Cabin enters its second season of viewer-designed home-building.