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Top 100 Cabins Projects

  1. 31. Blog Cabin: I Hate My Kitchen (00:20:00)

    The empty shell of a kitchen in the Blog Cabin 2011 is in need of love.

  2. 32. Heavy Metal and Hard Rock- 3 (05:00)

    Deconstruction's Matt Blashaw drops by the site with plans for the cabin.

  3. 33. Ahmed Hassan - Blog Cabin Host (00:23)

    Ahmed Hassan announces that he'll be hosting the next Blog Cabin series.

  4. 34. The Leaky Lodge (00:02:56)

    Charlie doesn't return, leaving Bob high and not so dry with a leaky roof.

  5. 35. Rocking the Fireplace (20:00)

    Dean and Derek of Rock Solid show us how the pros rock a fireplace.

  6. 36. Blog Cabin 2009: Q&A With Principal Architect Pat Kirkland, AIA

    Learn more about DIY Network's Blog Cabin 2009 floor plan with this helpful architect Q&A.

  7. 37. A Cabin Created by Bloggers (00:00:45)

    You designed it, and we built it the way you wanted it. Now check it out!

  8. 38. Blog Cabin Episode 301 Recap (03:25)

    Amy Matthews gives an overview of the first days' work on the Blog Cabin.

  9. 39. Building a Kitchen Bar Cart (01:02)

    Here's Blog Cabin's step-by-step process for building a custom bar cart.

  10. 40. How to Lay Decking Boards (02:06)

    How to lay decking boards for any outdoor deck.

  11. 41. Blog Cabin Goes Mega (00:20:01)

    Anitra and the Mega Dens crew invade DIY Network's 2011 Blog Cabin.

  12. 42. Blog Cabin 2013 Beachy Bath (00:03:17)

    Matt creates a custom bath with a beachy theme for the Blog Cabin 2013.

  13. 43. Shower Conversions (00:30)

    All-in-one shower kits can be surprisingly affordable and easy to install.

  14. 44. Ahmed on Landscaping Vlog (01:29)

    Ahmed Hassan discusses landscaping and how to build a fence.

  15. 45. Blog Cabin 2009: The Natural Beauty of Little Pine

    See all of the natural features the site of DIY Network's Blog Cabin 2009 has to offer.