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Top 100 Cabins Projects

  1. 16. Patios, Pizzas and Problems (20:00)

    Dean and Derek turn the Blog Cabin patio into a dazzling outdoor room.

  2. 17. Fantastic Finishes Part 2 (06:30)

    After a few finishing details, the Blog Cabin is ready for its new owner.

  3. 18. Setting the Logs (20:00)

    You designed it, you could win it, now DIY's going to build it.

  4. 19. Windows and Wasted Spaces Pt 2 (03:39)

    America's window choice is installed, along with a few space savers.

  5. 20. Bold Blog Bathrooms - Part 2 (04:32)

    Amy Matthews drops in to make the blogger's bath design wishes a reality.

  6. 21. Blog Cabin 2009: Shingles, Veneer, Doors and More Voting Choices

    DIY Network takes a look at the choices for shingles, veneer, doors and more for Blog Cabin 2009.

  7. 22. Raise the Roof Part 3 (05:56)

    The tin roof will be installed, if it ever shows up.

  8. 23. House Crashers on Blog Cabin (00:01:03)

    Chris Grundy and Josh Temple: highlights of the 2013 Blog Cabin in NC.

  9. 24. Blog Cabin Barn Tour (01:46)

    DIY Network Indoors Out hosts give you a tour of the Blog Cabin Barn.

  10. 25. Setting the Logs Part 1 (05:14)

    You designed it, you could win it, now DIY's going to build it.

  11. 26. Sizzling Landscapes Part 2 (05:20)

    The team gets dirty transforming the cabin worksite into a prize landscape.

  12. 27. Old House, New Cabin - Part 2 (04:51)

    Kevin & Roger from This Old House stop by to see the new Blog Cabin.

  13. 28. Hardwood Flooring Install (02:10)

    Follow these easy steps to add beautiful hardwood flooring to your home.

  14. 29. Custom Kitchen Shelving How-To (02:46)

    How to build custom shelving for any kitchen.

  15. 30. Blogscaping (20:00)

    Under Ahmed Hassan's direction, the cabin's landscape gets attention.