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Top 100 Cabins Projects

  1. 16. Blog Cabin Barn Tour (01:46)

    DIY Network Indoors Out hosts give you a tour of the Blog Cabin Barn.

  2. 17. Blog Cabin 2009: The Natural Beauty of Little Pine

    See all of the natural features the site of DIY Network's Blog Cabin 2009 has to offer.

  3. 18. Ahmed on Landscaping Vlog (01:29)

    Ahmed Hassan discusses landscaping and how to build a fence.

  4. 19. Cool Cabin, Cool Tools- Part 2 (04:00)

    Chris Grundy and a few cool tools get the Blog Cabin roof off the ground.

  5. 20. Winner's Reaction (00:43)

    What was the 2008 Blog Cabin winner doing when she heard she'd won?

  6. 21. Sizzling Landscapes (20:00)

    Ahmed Hassan and team transform the cabin worksite into a lovely landscape.

  7. 22. Sizzling Landscapes Part 1 (05:03)

    The team gets dirty transforming the cabin worksite into a prize landscape.

  8. 23. Blog Cabin 2008: Garage

    The garage offers space for storage and could be converted into a work space.

  9. 24. Blog Cabin Sweepstakes (00:16)

    Thank you for entering DIY's Blog Cabin Sweepstakes.

  10. 25. A Porch to be Reckoned With- 1 (06:42)

    John and Jimmy Diresta deck the deck with one of a kind porch furniture.

  11. 26. Doghouse Log Cabin (20:00)

    Kenny Alfonso designs and then builds a gorgeous dog log cabin.

  12. 27. Blog Cabin 2014 Demolition (00:02:08)

    Chris Grundy and Jason Cameron report on the Blog Cabin 2014 demolition.

  13. 28. Blog Cabin Coastal Retreat (00:01:04)

    Blog Cabin Coastal Retreat 2012: a look at the home and its serene setting.

  14. 29. Blog Cabin 2012 90-Second Tour (00:01:53)

    Chris Grundy takes the viewer on a 90-second tour of the Blog Cabin 2012.

  15. 30. How to Lay Bamboo Flooring (01:37)

    How to lay bamboo flooring for any room in the house.