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Top 100 Cabins Projects

  1. 1. Ahmed Hassan - Blog Cabin Host (00:23)

    Ahmed Hassan announces that he'll be hosting the next Blog Cabin series.

  2. 2. Blog Cabin (00:15)

    Watch Blog Cabin, Thursdays at 9p/8c, on DIY Network.

  3. 3. Blog Cabin: Finishing (20:00)

    Kevin O'Connor and Jimmy DiResta start the finishing details on the cabin.

  4. 4. Blog Cabin 2007

    Visit the cozy mountain retreat built in the Great Smoky Mountains. DIY's first Blog Cabin featured a green metal roof, bark exterior s...

  5. 5. Matt Deconstructs the Cabin (03:15)

    Matt Blashaw sets about trying to deconstruct elements of the Blog Cabin.

  6. 6. Bathrooms that Rock Tile Pt 3 (03:50)

    Tile work is completed in the bathrooms with the expertise of Amy Matthews.

  7. 7. Dean and Derek Build a Patio (03:31)

    Dean and Derek head to Asheville to create the Blog Cabin's patio.

  8. 8. Ocean-View Front Yard (00:03:20)

    Look back at the birth of the DIY Blog Cabin 2013 ocean-view front yard.

  9. 9. Blog Cabin 2009: Winning Home Features

    Check out the spectacular features of DIY Network's Blog Cabin 2009.

  10. 10. Blog Cabin Beach Fire Pit (00:01:19)

    Dean Marsico and Derek Stearns build a beach fire pit at Blog Cabin 2011.

  11. 11. Outdoor Room Takes Shape (00:02:13)

    Dean and Derek discuss what's happening during building.

  12. 12. Bathrooms that Rock Tile Pt 4 (04:49)

    Tile work is completed in the bathrooms with the expertise of Amy Matthews.

  13. 13. Dream House Log Cabin (03:52)

    Tensions run high as Fred and Natasha begin building their dream house.

  14. 14. Blog Cabin Sweepstakes (00:16)

    Thank you for entering DIY's Blog Cabin Sweepstakes.

  15. 15. Blog Cabin Exterior Projects (02:51)

    Here are the top five coolest outdoor projects from DIY's Blog Cabin.

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